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Coaching has found an increasingly relevant place in today’s world. Coaches partner with clients in ways that allow clients to introspect, understand their potentials, both personal and professional, and take positive steps towards attaining their goals in life. Today’s complex and volatile environment is leading to an increase in demand for coaches of both organisations as full-time employees, as well as freelancers who can work one on one with individuals. This in turn has led to an increase in the demand for certified and experienced coaches who can work with senior, mid-level as well as junior employees. In fact, even entrepreneurs now hire coaches to help them break through mental barriers and obstacles.


If one searches online there are many coach training institutes which provide coach training programs, online and offline. While searching for coach training programs, it is advisable to enrol only in an ICF-recognized program because ICF credentials are acknowledged in the coaching business worldwide.


ACC and PCC are ICF credentials that any aspiring coach can work towards in order to become a certified ICF coach. There are two pathways to achieve ICF accreditation – ACTP coaching, and ACSTH coaching. ACSTH coaching program is usually the preferred route to becoming an accredited Coach due to its flexibility.



What is ACSTH coaching?

ACSTH coaching or Approved Coach Specific Training Hours is a “pathway” for acquiring ICF credentials like ACC and PCC. ACSTH coaching is ideal for students who want flexibility and freedom in their journey of coach training. It’s also ideal for professionals who are working in another field but want to add coaching to the repertoire of skills they have.

ACSTH coach training programs are mentored programs where institutes provide mentor coaches to the coach trainees. Along with virtual training, Mentor coaches have several one-to-one sessions with the students. Once completed, the students are directly assessed by ICF assessors in order for them to acquire their accreditation. The students on completion of the training can apply directly for their ICF ACC or PCC credentials.


Requirements for applying for ICF credentials through ACSTH coaching


Student coaches need to at least complete 60 hours of ACSTH coaching to be eligible for applying for ACC ICF credentials. The students are coached through mentoring sessions with professional ICF certified mentor coaches. The enrolled candidates perform live coaching sessions with the clients under supervision and then submit their session recordings, logbooks, and written transcripts while applying for ICF credentials directly. They need to complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) examination as well to demonstrate their knowledge of ICF core competencies.


Understanding ACSTH in detail

ACSTH coaching is an “a-la-carte” coach training program where the coaches can opt for ACC or PCC credentials based on time availability. By completing 60 hours of ACSTH coach training, they can apply for Associated Certified Coach ICF credentials, while on completion of the second level, they can apply for Professional Certified Coach ICF credentials.

Any ACC accredited coach can directly enroll themselves for the next level of (65 hours) ACSTH coach training. This can put them on the path to becoming a PCC accredited coach, enhancing their skills and coaching level.


Who benefits from ACSTH coaching?

ACSTH coaching is beneficial for:

  • Students who are just starting out and aspire to become professional coaches.
  • Practicing coaches who want to upskill and add to their coaching skills.
  • Amateur coaches who wish to become certified ACC credited coaches, or
  • ACC professionals who want to advance from ACC level to PCC accreditation.


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ACSTH coaching program due to its flexibility benefits entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who want to add coaching skills to their expertise.


ACSTH coaching and its key advantages

  • Aligned with ICF core competencies, ACSTH coaching is advantageous for coaches or aspiring coaches who desire to have complete coach training from an ICF-approved accreditation program.
  • As part of the ACSTH pathway, the students are not evaluated by course mentors of the institute from which they complete their coach training program but their knowledge of ICF core competencies are evaluated by ICF assessors directly.
  • ACSTH coaching helps coaches achieve their ACC or PCC certifications easily and at their convenience as it is based on student hours and is not a start to finish course like the ACTP coach training program.
  • Through the ACSTH coaching program, students and trainee coaches can take their coaching skills to the next level and give their coaching career the push it needs to become successful.
  • ACSTH coaching is advantageous to the coaches who wish only to become ACC accredited coaches or to the ACC accredited coaches who want to advance to PCC credentials.



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