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Actively Learn Learning For Students Through Fun, Humour And Joy

Learning has been an important aspect of everyone’s life, not particularly about studying books or curriculum. On the contrary, learning is everything we learn to do our daily chores to a language we speak through parents and guardians. Learning can be very fruitful if done by passing knowledge from one person to another.

People used to learn in ancient times just by talking and sharing knowledge through vocal and things changed when the paper came. By paper, we have had access to information for centuries and we can read by not interfering with anyone or having to ask anyone for knowledge and it can widely become sharable to thousands of people.

Online Learning

Then came online learning which has just changed the game for learners all over the world because it can reach out to any published paper or any news in just minutes to every part of the planet in just minutes. After that, many big companies came into the market to provide online learning to the school-going students for additional education which can help them to clear competitive exams in the whole world.

In this article, we’ll get to know in detail about Actively Learn, an online learning platform for school-going kids, actively learn login, actively learn answers, read actively learn, actively learn sign in and the methods by which they teach because their tagline says, it’ll be fun and humor when kids join their class for learning. They do not want to give the burden of stress studies, try to help small children to teenagers get a quality education with joy so that they don’t feel all the stress of memorizing school books. 

What is the Actively Learn website? 

Actively Learn was started by Dr Deep Sran and Jay Goyal with the idea to change the way of giving formal education in ELA, science, and social studies by introducing new stylish teaching methods that involve fun activities so that children are more attracted toward education in the year 2012. The parents have just loved the idea because of the fact a small child doesn’t want to study unless it is fun and to keep a small child sturdy in studies, it is essential to keep in mind their health too.

What is the Actively Learn website 

They have received numerous awards in the digital education sector, and the initial funding they got from the McGraw Hill family to start this amazing idea is always inevitable for them. They have flexible timing and curriculum which makes it easy for students to adapt to the situation better in terms of studying at any time anywhere. Their primary focus is on deep learning for each concept so that the children can have the knowledge through which they don’t have any doubt about that concept in the future.

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How has Actively Learn figured out to teach this much conveniently?

Dr. Deep has done his Ph.D. in educational psychology and when he was doing this, he got many thoughts about making a curriculum that enables students, who don’t like to study, to learn deeply in a humor way and can think critically of any subject that they are studying at that moment.

After that, he founded a high school, Idea Schools High School in Loudoun County, Virginia, and designed his school based on four principles that will remain tall ever in the school:

  • Hire teachers who just do not come and teach students without involving the participation of students and leave the class whereas he hired those teachers who just love their subjects and want to share as much knowledge as they possess.
  • Make engaging content that is full of graphics and visually attractive because a small student mostly gives attention to enriching illustrations and wants to get involved in the learning process if those graphics are fun to watch. 
  • They do seminar discussion which includes the participation of every student from the class so that the knowledge of that particular subject can be shared in depth with each student. Their fundamental goal of doing seminar discussions is to provide valuable insights into the context of that subject in detail and parents can also join that seminar if they want to see how their child is getting an education.
  • They treat their students during teaching like junior colleagues so that if they have any doubt regarding any particular topic. This has been a kind of change in the digital learning experience of students and they love being in part of that doubt session because teachers funnily ask them to indulge them without pressuring them.

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How does Actively Learn make their students understand Breaking News content?

Their founders have answered this question in a satirical way because students already watch the news on Television or YouTube these days since their parents and guardians of the surrounding are watching the real happening of the world because of how the situation changes these days.

How does Actively Learn make their students understand Breaking News content

After watching real-life events, they generally talk about them with their friends in peer groups, the movies they watch on weekends whether on the screen or in the theater, they have discussions with their friends and want their opinion on it too because they want to tell and hear their story as well.

Actively Learn is making stories about real-time events for their teachers to share with their subscribed students because they do not want their students to lag in the real-life competition of any exams. They do all the discussions in fun type and if a serious subject comes to talk about like puberty, they teach their students cautiously and take their doubts to better understand them.

To Sum Up

Actively Learn, a digital learning platform, is doing that work which we have not even dreamt of once if we go back just thirty years ago when we used to study by going to school and libraries and had to find books for every small doubt. They have done that in just some years which some companies took 20 years and even couldn’t be able to do because of the failures.

The login and sign-in to this platform are very easy to do just you have to add an email address and phone number, the founders have made it simple for the students because they do not want a hefty amount of stress to take in even sign-in. That’s it for now.

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