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Today tourism industry is one of the booming industries. The world is getting more and more fast and busy. People need to take a getaway from their life to enjoy comfort with their family and friends. So, due to this vacations are important for relaxation, family time, and making memories. 

While talking about vacation destinations, Dubai is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the world. For Indians, Dubai is one of the nearest and most beautiful vacation places. Indians do not feel the awkwardness of being in a foreign land. Dubai hosts people of many nationalities that either are working there or enjoying their vacation. 

Dubai is developed beautifully with modern architecture despite being a desert. The city has many skyscrapers, beaches, aquariums, museums, amusement parks, theme parks, and many more engineering wonders. Dubai has not only developed its architecture but, many souks are also there, one of the famous and largest ones is the gold souk. Dubai is one of the most famous shopping destinations for many people in the world. It is a city where nights are alive and people enjoy a variety of nightclubs.

Dubai has so many activities to offer at night, not only the environment is safe but gives wild experiences also. Dubai has some of the most popular clubs for their music and activities at night in the world. One can find talented DJs who either reside in Dubai or are regular for shows there. 

Food is one of the most important factors while vacationing. While visiting a place one should enjoy local cuisines but there is no comparison in the peace observed in getting Indian cuisines in a foreign land. Not only this, some people can not adjust to the local cuisines of Dubai due to their palette, so for them, it is very important to find the right place for this. Let us get to know, what are activities and places, can be enjoyed at night in Dubai:

  • Desert safari- Dubai is a beautiful desert, most common activity that one can enjoy in Dubai is Desert Safari. Desert safari could be booked by using a tourist guide, who provides booking of a package of Desert safari. Desert Safari is being done in groups. The activity starts in the evening and has different sessions for people. They pick you up from your hotel and take you to the desert areas on the outskirts of Dubai. There are camps on the outskirts where different activities like rides, sandboarding, etc. could be done. Then you can enjoy the ride in the desert. Desert safari is concluded in camps where one can go for camel rides and find many activities to enjoy. There are cultural programs, magic shows, and juggling act performances. The highlight of this performance is the belly dance. These camps showcase the lifestyles of a resident of Dubai in older age. The conclusion of activities of camp is done with local cuisine food available and barbeque options available there. Some of the camps also provide stay overnight options, where one can enjoy star gazing at night and bonfires.
  • Burj Khalifa- while talking about Dubai, the skyscraper Burj Khalifa can never be skipped from the conversation. This is the tallest building in the world. The name Burj Khalifa signifies the place of the highest authority in Dubai. One can not only enjoy the view of Burj Khalifa from outside by seeing the building but a visit to the same is also accessible. One can take the lift, which is said to be the fastest lift to reach the top of the building. From above one can view the city for its amazing skyline. At night the beauty of this view increases multiple folds due to city lights. Also, Burj Khalifa is having a lake where a beautifully choreographed laser light show is being held. This show presents fountains that can shoot water up to 500 ft. The experience of fireworks at Burj Khalifa is more worth experiencing than writing.  Near to this Dubai, the mall is also situated, where one can go shopping or visit the aquarium situated in this mall with a wide variety of sea life on display. Hence, a visit to Burj Khalifa has so many activities to cover.
  • Cruising- Dubai has many beautiful beaches. One can visit beaches around the year. Enjoying a sunset on these beaches is beautiful. However, the most beautiful aspect of Dubai having sea is you get to enjoy the Dhow cruises. This cruise takes gives you a beautiful tour of the city. Dhows meant ships or boats which are designed or are natives of this place. Previously Dhows are used for business, now it is one of the heritage of Dubai and places a very important significance in the life of natives. Dhow Cruises gives the experience of fairytales. The package includes activities of live music, cultural activities, dance, a beautiful seashore view, a beautiful skyline view, and Magic shows. The Dhow cruise can provide you with one unforgettable night in Dubai.
  • Clubbing- Dubai has a vast variety of clubs. These clubs are designed based on a vast variety of themes making them one of the most famous clubbing destinations in the world. While talking about the famous and theme-based clubs few names that are worth describing are- Tashan, Super 20 & Tsunami.  These three clubs are established with different themes. Tashan is the favorite spot for people that are looking for a beautiful nightlife venue which is developed with a theme of sports and casino, whereas Super20  is a club frequented by people that like an atmosphere of tranquility along with popular music, and Tsunami is a cafe-based theme club is frequented by people that like to enjoy their food and drinks. You can visit Indian Mujra bar in Dubai for the best experience of all times. 

In conclusion, for the most exciting nightlife options one should visit Dubai. One can explore many options depending on the budget of the person and the members on vacation. For youngsters, the experience of the nightlife of Dubai should never be missed. The nightlife of Dubai is available till the wee hours of the morning and provides a variety of options to experience. Not only do these clubs provide an experience to enjoy wonderful music and dance but also wonderful food and cuisine options. So, on the visit to Dubai do not forget to visit clubs at night and make beautiful memories.

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