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Remember the beginning of the year 2020? Everybody was so excited to enter the New Year, with altogether new enthusiasm and happiness. But, little did we know that the year would bring so much stress and tension worldwide. Coronavirus ruined everything from lives to jobs and businesses. The global economic shock has hit the entire nation badly. Businesses have been shut, and people have lost their jobs raising the number of unemployment to a greater level.

But, is this all we are waiting for in this year? Is this the ‘new’ in this New Year? The sad reality is yes. But, the new ‘new’ is not that bad if seen positively. Businesses are being shut, because they could not adapt to the new culture of working. The world has changed, the way we used to see the world has changed, now is the time to change ourselves and our working processes.

There limited resources now, less contact with clients, less dealing in cash flow and little personal interaction. But workload is not less, and it better not be. The only way to cope up with the performance and timely deliveries now is to share the workload with digitally advanced tools and ditch the legacy software and manual efforts. 


What are digitally advanced tools?

Software or a platform capable of handling all end-to-end tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy while ensuring the complete visibility and control over the entire business is considered to be a digitally advanced tool for a business. SAP Business One best ERP software in India is a one-complete suite that manages and streamlines all the business operations in the most affordable price that even SMEs can buy it at their ease.


What does SAP Business One Constitutes? 

SAP Business One modules constitute all that a small to midsize business leader would look for within limited budget options. This single source of truth, handles all the departments all by itself ensuring no miscommunication in the information and renders the real-time data as and when required. 

It constitutes:

Finance and Accounting: To manage all the accounting and finance related stuff. Plus, all the transactions made are preapproved to avoid all the hassles during the tax filing at the financial year end. 

Sales and Purchase: This module helps in keeping a track of all the purchases made and keeps the record of all sales orders and aligns them with the future purchases and near expenses.

Inventory and Stock: With this, you never run out of stock at the time urgent orders keep a record of all the raw materials and inventory with its BOM feature and alerts in advance before the stock ends.

Customer Relationship: Keeps a record of all the loyal customers and ensures timely deliveries and schedules services to widen the future sales opportunities.

Cost Management: It helps define the cost of the batches and can even change them overnight in case of some new government regulation or budgeting. 

Thus, it’s even simpler than what is seen. SAP Business One ERP can make adapting to the new normal things way too easier. 

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