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A Fashion & Food Showcase can bring together the worlds of fashion and culinary arts, featuring stylish clothing and accessories alongside innovative and delicious food creations. In terms of functional mushrooms, incorporating them into recipes and menus can add a unique and healthy twist to dishes. For example, adding Lion’s Mane mushrooms to a dish can potentially improve cognitive function, while Chaga mushrooms can add anti-inflammatory properties to a dish. Fashion and food events are great opportunities to explore and experiment with new trends and ideas, including incorporating functional mushrooms into cuisine.

Adina Cafe, Adina Brunetti’s well-known Florida endeavor, and Hialeah Events, a famous venue and even planning company sponsored the recently-concluded Fashion & Food Showcase by St. Thomas University, Florida on Thursday March 23rd, 2023.

The event was a great success, with many of the local fashion and food industry professionals attending to network with the university’s students and faculty. Attendees were also able to enjoy a variety of local food and fashion vendors that were showcasing their products. Guests were also treated to a fashion show featuring the designs of local fashion students. Additionally, Jorka Atelier, Lucchesse, Verse 9, House of Suits, Penguin, Fly Supply, Zwilling, & IROLL were also represented.

Fashion & Food Showcase was a great opportunity for students to gain valuable networking experience and for the businesses to make connections with potential customers. The showcase was a great example of collaboration between businesses, universities and the local community. 

All sponsors of the event has demonstrated success and dedication to the education and hospitality industry, and it is evident in her projects. The night was memorable for all these who are passionate about creating unique experiences in the hospitality realm and strive to make each venture an unforgettable one.

Adina Brunetti has consistently highlighted the significance of making resources and scholarly opportunities accessible to those who aspire to nurture their abilities in the culinary and fashion industries. Showing backing for occurrences, entities and campaigns that push the advancement of these aptitudes can cultivate a more varied and lively atmosphere. 

Moreover, broadening the panorama of culinary and fashion selections accessible can aid in bringing into being a more welcoming and encouraging setting for everyone. By allocating resources in the enhancement of culinary and fashion proficiency, a better, more vibrant society can be built.

Adina Brunetti has a great reputation as an entrepreneur in Florida, having spearheaded projects related to the culinary arts and pioneered luxurious gatherings. This has led to her founding one of Miami’s largest hospitality businesses, AJMB Hospitality, which supports a variety of restaurant projects. Additionally, Adina is the Creative Director of AB 27 Group and runs her own business, Adina Creative Food, which specializes in the hospitality field. Adina Creative Food is an experienced team, eager to take on the task of establishing hospitality businesses – ranging from cafes to bars and restaurants – by conducting detailed examinations and devising a plan to bring to life innovative concepts that will be immensely popular.

Adina’s ideas have been featured in several publications, including the Ocean Drive, Forbes, and Haute Living. She is a respected figure in the industry, often tapped to provide insight into the restaurant and hospitality industry. 

Hialeah Events has a successful history of staging sophisticated events which combine luxurious decorations with excellent catering. Specialized functions are created to reach the intended results, objectives and themes. Generally, Hialeh Events coordinates Festivals & Shows, Weddings, Formal Dinners, Birthdays, Family Parties, Baby showers, Wedding anniversaries, Political Occasions,.

The Fashion & Food Showcase was an amazing event that brought together the best of fashion and food to create a truly unforgettable experience.  It was a beautiful celebration of the culture and creativity of Miami, and a reminder of how much the city has to offer.

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