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For everyone in the Advertising and Marketing industry, they know that advertising is a big business because companies and individuals will not be successful without some form of it. However, the problem still exists is the lack of diversity because current advertising models can censure inclusive and diverse platforms. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, adStartr founder Bipul Kafley was inspired by his experiences of running targeted advertising campaigns to ethnic communities in Australia. He created the company because he noticed that advertising to a narrower market gave the highest return of investment (ROI), but there were some pitfalls along the way that made it difficult to find and book ad space, including language barriers and lots of manual research. He found it very hard to organize just one ad for a magazine and stated, “Most businesses don’t have the time to find and organize the ad placements to reach non-mainstream demographics.” 

So, what is adStartr? adStartr is an online marketplace that gives anyone from freelancers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, media agents, charities, etc. the ability to place ads in niche independent publications with just a few clicks. With Australia’s diverse ethnic population, series of ethnic newspapers are jumping onto the platform and advertisers can now reach the Arabic, Bangladesh, Korean, Chinese and Indian communities in Australia directly. They want to make it easy for individuals and businesses to book advertising with any publisher and broadcast media outlets without the struggle of reaching out to a representative media outlet because of language barriers. Ultimately, they wanted to make it easy for diverse and inclusive media organizations to sell their media inventory to the market so that they have a more extensive customer base, the ability to see and follow industry standards, and a way to manage advertising space easily, agencies and customers. 

In addition to ethnic groups, adStartr also helps advertisers to reach other highly specific communities. They can also reach out to the LGBTQ community in the USA via Out in Jersey magazine and to specific geographic areas all over Australia. They also help private organizations and associations, government bodies, and charities boost their profile through a D&I marketplace. They guarantee that businesses can reach new heights with an outstanding advertising solution. 

The marketplace allows brands and or media agencies to purchase advertising solutions in a self-service mode and offers ad booking, inventory hosting, and direct trade opportunities with advertisers, and more. Companies can put their pitch directly in front of their customers with banner ads displayed directly on the publisher’s website. With adStartr’s Ad Server & display advertising, companies can reach their clients in an engaging, attention-grabbing way. They have their own ad server that can bring banner advertising to websites similar to Google AdSense and other popular platforms. 

adStartr truly does it all; it also allows companies to create professional video and film content that they can use in their marketing and advertising campaigns; companies can spread the word about their message with their outreach services, and companies can share their content and get customers interested in what they have to offer. Finally, companies can create local advertisements about what their brand has to offer, and the adStartr team will display their advertisements on their network of websites.

So, the process that companies need to go through to start using adStartr is simple enough. All they need to do is sign up through their website, and from there, they can find, compare, select their media, and plan their campaign using adStartr’s aggregated data to find the perfect advertising location for their needs, based on their target audience, their budget, the market, the medium, the size or any other factor. Once they have done that, companies can view the different media outlets’ rates and provide/create their advertisements using their simple editor. adStartr will provide companies with rates and other vital information on thousands of media outlets around the world. Finally, with adStartr, companies do not have to wait an extended period for their adverts to appear. Of course, it will take some time to get responses from publishers, but adStartr will help the wait be less prolonged. They will also provide the tools companies need to measure their advertising campaign’s success. 

Reaching ethnic and diverse audiences in Australia and worldwide has now gotten a lot easier, thanks to a new catalog of ad space being made online. Brands, nonprofits, and governments can now book ad space directly with niche publishers, and the platform is removing the logistical and language barriers that have long prevented campaigns from penetrating multicultural Australia and the rest of the world. They want to focus on Australia’s media outlets and allow companies to communicate with inclusive and diverse communities on a global scale. 

So, for more information or interviews, companies and publishers with ad space can contact Bipul Kafley at bipul@adstratr.com directly and for more information on diversity advertising, they can visit https://adstartr.com/

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