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Our day-to-day activity is usually defined based on the number of tasks we must complete. Yet, not everyone has a clear understanding of how to be the most productive and manage to finish everything by the end of the working day. Typically, people tackle easier tasks first before moving on to more complex and time-consuming ones. But how do we determine the complexity of a task? Estimating timing might seem simple, but it’s essential to assess if the time spent on each task is justified.

In the article, we’ll delve into the experience of the Agiliway team working on a SaaS solution that helps to transform the cleaning industry. This solution has made management, staff, and client interactions easier and more enjoyable.

How to Stay Aligned and on Schedule

Time tracking has become an integral part of modern business operations. Organizations use various applications and solutions to monitor their staff’s performance and overall productivity as keeping track of daily activities is crucial. Time tracking applications, originally used in multiple industries, have evolved into multiuse tools that offer comprehensive solutions and centralize all relevant information.

Initially, our client aimed to create a simple, yet ambitious project tailored to a cleaning company’s needs. The objective was to create a service that tracks team locations, monitors assigned tasks, and, hence, their progress. However, the product has evolved into a complex system that surpasses mere time tracking. It now consists of separate apps that provide an extensive range of options and services for management, employees, and clients.

Task Management and Time Tracking

The functionality of applications covers multiple types of tasks including logging time directly into the app by staff members using smartphones through scanning a QR code. The system also has a calendar with all the assignments and can be accessed not only by the assignees but also by management, which is time-saving as it eliminates the need for making unnecessary phone calls to discuss the nature of the task. Working hours are logged and visible within the app, and additional features such as adding photos and comments are available in real time.

Employees can view their working hours, track their time, check vacation schedules, and access detailed payment information for completed tasks. Furthermore, the GPS tracking system generates a route to the next scheduled location upon task completion.

Another important feature is the creation of checklists for authorized assignees. In the event of reassigning tasks or entire checklists to another employee with just a few clicks. This convenient and time-saving feature eliminates the need for phone calls and ensures smooth task delegation.

Our Recent Project Activities

Alongside participating in discussions regarding the platform’s architecture, Agiliway software engineers are currently engaged in several development processes. These are as follows:

  • Seamless import of data into the platform from Excel sheets.
  • Continuous enhancement of the time tracking features to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • We leverage Firebase to develop push notifications, enabling real-time updates and communication.
  • By making Azure Action functions accessible across multiple apps and devices, we enhance their implementation within the platform.

As an ongoing project, we are constantly analyzing and discussing new tasks for future releases. This means that numerous features and functionalities are still in the development and implementation process.

Significance for the client’s business

Over the past three years, we have accomplished numerous tasks related to time management solutions. The Agiliway team has provided significant business value to our clients by adhering to deadlines for the planned updates and solutions to improve overall application performance and capabilities; resolving any occurring bugs to ensure a seamless user experience; providing consultation on platform architecture to optimize performance.

In conclusion, time tracking offers surface-level benefits by providing insights into personal and business time management. Integrating time-tracking services into daily operations can enhance business operations quality, save costs, and improve productivity. With comprehensive information, organizations gain an overview of internal processes and can implement changes that drive business growth.

The web application designed for cleaning organizations serves as an excellent tool for managing both time and staff. It encompasses a ton of data, including employee details (driver’s license, sickness information, etc.), schedules, locations, client information, checklists, real-time recording, real-time photo and comment sharing, and comprehensive insights into working hours and vacations.

Introducing a time tracking and management service within an organization is now considered a vital component of successful business operations.

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