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ShuttersGarage building made of concrete with roller shutter doors

Just like a black and white TV . Once upon a time there was no shutter other than a manual roller shutters. We saw it in every home and almost every window. Even today you can see a roller shutter in many places. Such as retail chains, shops and businesses, factories, private homes and more in other places. But with one main difference – today’s shutters are advance than those of the 80s . Come with an electric motor that makes it very easy to lower and raise shutters.

If you are facing with a dilemma about replacing shutters in your home or business and are wondering. What the benefits of an electric motor shutter over a manual roller shutter . We have spared you the rest of the search and concentrated on some of the highlights of electric motor shutter versus manual shutter.

The types of shutters available in the market:

The shutter market offers the public two main types – electric roller shutter or manual roller shutter.

The notable difference is in ease of use and costs. But both types operate on the same principle, quality raw materials, shielding efficiency and design style. But in some things the advantages of an electric motor over a roller shutter increase. Here you have it:

Advantages of an electric motor over a roller shutter :

Electric shutter for convenience, preferred more than manual by businesses, institutions and of course private customers. Thanks to the advanced technology. The electric motor shutter can be activated with the push of a button on a switch mounted on the wall. Remote control and even through the smartphone, the days were gone when we tried to lift the heavy shutter with the help of the fabric strap.

Security and safety:

Electric motor shutter in front of roller shutter, made of extremely strong raw materials . It is considered safer and prevents burglary to business / home. An electrically programmable electric motor shutter so we can close or open all the shutters in the house In any case, define blind areas according to use and need and more.

An electric motor shutter can carry heavier weights than a manual roller shutter. At the design level – an electric motor shutter comes in a very wide range of colors that can be adjusted to the general design style in the same area.

A manual roller shutter is slowly disappearing from the world, the difficulty in using it, lifting the heavy steps and the possibility of wear / tears in the pull strap, makes it less attractive and less user-friendly even though it is cheaper than the electric shutter, but the lifestyle of an electric shutter is larger.

In order to try to reduce the malfunctions, it is advisable to purchase electric shutters manufactured by reputable rolling shutter manufacturers in Chennai and marketers in businesses that specialize in this. 

This will ensure that you receive professional service, including advice and assistance in adjusting the electric shutter to your personal needs, as well as a professional response in the event of a malfunction or technical problem in the shutter. 

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