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Unfortunately, no one discovered the fountain of youth yet. Until someone does, the process of aging is imminent but proper skincare can keep things more beautiful, healthier and firmer. While there’s no magical product that canchange your life around and reverse the process of aging (unless you’re Benjamin Button), the years will gradually start to show on your face. What a good skincare can do is make the most out of your natural beauty and keep your skin looking youthful, radiant and fresh for as long as possible.

The skin in your 30s

Once you enter the fourth decade of your life, the levels of collagen (which makes the skin firm and elastic) in your body, start to decrease. Also, the production of natural oil is minimized which can lead to drier skin and first signs of wrinkles. This is all due to the hormonal changes and the drop of estrogen levels in the body. On top of these natural processes that start happening in your 30s, imbalanced lifestyle and diet can make room for acne, inflammations, sun spots and eye puffiness.

Skincare in your 30s

Your regular moisturizer might not be enough once you step in your 30s. Still, moisturizing your skin and hydrating it from the inside is even more importantthan it was before. You’d probably have to change your morning and evening routine a bit. Moisturizing your skin in the morning is necessary, while you can reserve the evenings for some richer creams and lotions. Of course, regular exfoliation can make a world of difference as well. However, yourskin is getting thinner and more sensitive so make sure to include some gentle scrubs, and nourish your skin with natural facemasksevery now and then.

The skin in your 40s

As you reach 40, your wrinkles – on both your face and neck – will become more noticeable. In your 40s, your skin almost completely loses its natural ability to get rid of toxins which can cause swelling or puffiness all over your face. This happens because the lymphatic system is slowing down fast and the cellulite that might have shown up on your body in your 30s can become more obvious now. The skin is getting drier and thinner. and your skin tone duller and more prone to depigmentation.

Skincare in your 40ies

It’s important to mention that regular exercise and a balanced diet can work wonders for your skin’s appearance even in your 40s. Moreover, appropriate skincare that would consist of rich moisturizing creams, anti-aging products filled with wrinkle-fighting retinol, hyaluronic acid and other vitamin-based ingredients as well as brightening products should be essential in your mature beauty routine. There’s also nothing wrong with occasional facial boosts. Rejuvenating treatments at professional beauty salons can also significantly minimize the signs of aging.

Whatever your current age is, it’s important to get your fair share of nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat, which will also improve the texture of yourskin. Moreover, refrain from going out without the proper sun protection, because damaging UV rays are one of the most common causes ofpremature aging, spots and skin irritations. There may be no cure that can prevent old age but you can most certainly prolong the process and keep your skin beautiful with regular and appropriate skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle.

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