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After the mid of 20 century, the world population starts growing with massive speed, and the demand for resources put some extra burden on the industries to produce more. In the race of capturing a marketplace in every region of the world, the dominant countries start the excess supply of different products to increase their wealth that leads to overconsumption. The way we start the consumption of different human-made products, without considering the earth’s capacity to degrade all that we produce and throw on this planet causes severe problems like, Water pollution, land, and air pollution. The major threat to the environment is climate change that is caused by the effects of global warming which is the combination of different harmful gases in the atmosphere. In simple words, we know it with the name of air pollution.

Here are some of the facts about air pollution that you must know because of all the environmental problems like water pollution; we can see plastic floating on sea, oceans, and we also can see landfills in surroundings. Look all these issues are visible and their effect may harm someone near in radius. But air pollution is that silent killer that can affect the whole region. According to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), every nine people out of ten are breathing polluted air and that’s killed seven million people annually.

Air Pollution

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Air pollution, a silent killer

As the temperature of the world increases due to harmful gases released by massive moments of heavy vehicles, coal plants, industries, agriculture fertilizers, and factories, the more problems related to human health becomes severe. Today half of the world has no access to clean water while more than that are living in unhealthy air quality. The reports of World Health Organizations claimed that one-third of the death cases of lung cancer and heart problems, respiratory diseases are due to the high amount of hazardous pollutants in the air that cause air pollution. Approximately, people of the 650 cities in the world are surviving with worse air quality and 7 million people of those cities die each year due to air pollution. Isn’t air pollution a silent killer?  Search your city air quality with the AQI website, be aware and take care of your health.  

How air can affect human health

The psychological and physical health of humans can be affected by many pollutants present in the air that can cause serious issues in the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, headaches; it can also harm reproductive organs, liver, and nervous system.

The relationship between air pollution with respiratory diseases makes some sense and that is what we all know. But most of us do not know about how air pollution can affect heart brain and fetal health. Here we can explain it in a simple way. According to the health experts, there are two ways in which the human body besides other than lung problems and nasal cavity.

The first one is inflammation, which is the natural process of the human body recovering from injuries or illness. When the pollutants emitted from any source like cars, industries, or any power plants are inhaled by any person who is already ill or injured. These microscopic harmful pollutants start irritation in the nasal cavity and in response that leads to coughing or in major-minor cases it leads to a runny nose.

Medical specialist of lungs diseases argues that it’s a common response and they believe that specific particle of dust also make deeper their way into the lungs and the body bloodstream may mistakenly pass it to the infected part that can cause an inflammatory response.  There is a higher chance in the case of pregnant women that inflammation spreads in the whole body, also in the uterus that leads to an increase in the risk of premature birth.

The ratio of lung problems due to air pollution in children is high than in adults as it can easily harm children’s health.

Carrie Berton is environmental health research at the educational institute of southern California added that it has been observed on basis of different researches that people who were infected by diseases caused by air pollution when moved to a cleaner area, where they live with fresh air wee found with low health issues that have a correlation with air pollution. So they generalize the argument that a high level of air pollution has a worse impact on humans but when you have better air quality the good you are in health.

What are the main pollutants?

Here are a few of the major main pollutants that affect the quality of air. Carbon dioxide is one of the major contributors to air pollution that is emitted from various sources like automobiles moment, factories smoke, etc. similarly nitrogen dioxide from indoor gases like fossil fuels used for cooking purposes in homes and road traffic, etc has also a great contribution in air pollution. Other harmful gases are sulfur dioxide, ozone which react with each other and make PM10, PM 2.5, etc that pollute the air in the atmosphere and it also cause other environmental problems in the form of climate threats.

World Health Organization (WHO) issues a threshold level which means that if somewhere the index level is beyond the threshold then it’s an unsafe air quality for normal humans. They also issue a method that can measure the air quality and guidelines that can possibly decrease air pollution.

How to decrease air pollution

There are many ways to control air pollution here we will discuss what the government can do at the country level and what we can do to reduce air pollution on the individual level

  1. Reduce the use of fossil flues, power generator fuels, etc. its best alternative is solar energy
  2. Reduce the use of private cars, use a bicycle for short distances and public transport for long-distance traveling.
  3. Awareness campaign at national levels about the causes of air pollution and other health-related issues
  4.  Policy implementation of environmental protection Acts at the national level.
  5. Penalties of major polluters  like industries and factories to tackle the issue
  6. Forestation, the permanent solution is to plant more and more trees to decrease the issues of air pollution


To understand the importance of the issue we provide information related to air pollution and catastrophic health effect on humans. It a small effort of awareness of environmental issues that need to discuss on a global level by world leaders. we do it because we care about you and also we care about the environment.  Let me ask something is future generations have also equal right on natural resources what we have today? What’s your opinion lets us know . . .

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