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The 16th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020 to be held on 29th November, while Delhi is still fighting with these two demons, COVID and pollution. Srinu Bugatha who won the Tata Mumbai Marathon earlier this year will be defending his title for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020.


Rising COVID cases seem to be a matter of concern for crowd participation. With the introduction of 38,617 new cases on Wednesday in India, Delhi has recorded 7,812 deaths due to COVID till now. 

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is a World Athletics Gold Label Race organized by Airtel in New Delhi every year since 2005. The marathon has been a source of recreation and a much inspiring break from Delhi’s sedentary lifestyle. It offers an active platform for society to nurture bonds, women empowerment, and philanthropy. 

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What is new to the 2020 edition of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon?

The marathon is back to get you off the couch and run across the sites of New Delhi. Indeed the air quality of Delhi was a challenging factor for the marathon which now has the COVID effect adding difficulty to the scenario.

But, just like we have solutions to every known problem we are ready to combat this one too. 

With some precautions and freshly brewed rules, the marathon is going to swing this year too. 

Let’s see what’s different this year:

  1. The New Logo: The ADHM is all set to roar with its brand new contemporary modern logo. A Mumbai-based boutique, Locopopo, has designed the new logo which depicts the pacing heart of Delhi.
  2. The best level of safety standards to be followed: Delhi is ready to entertain the marathon with strict safety guidelines including, social distancing and sanitation maintenance. 
  3. Biosecure zones to be provided: To ensure a COVID free event, the biozones will be provided to the elite runners. Also, a limited number of staff members will be involved during the event. 

Pumping up the athletes and the public for participation, the sports minister, Kiren Rijiju said,

| “Sport has always been a symbol of optimism and we look forward to the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on November 29. We extend our full support to the event that is India’s pride and welcomes the world’s best athletes to our city.”

Who all are in the race to win the headlines of Sports news?

Srinu Bugatha, Avinash Sable, and Abhishek Pal are strong candidates for the title at the 16th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

Srinu Bugatha has won the Tata Mumbai Marathon earlier this year. Whereas, Abhishek Pal holds the 2018 title, while Avinash Sable was the first runner up. 

Also, the competition amongst the female athletes isn’t going to be easy this time.

Monika Athare, Parul Chaudhary, Chinta Yadav, and Sanjivani Jadhav will be focused to win the race. 

Parul won the Half Marathon race at the Mumbai Marathon, while Monika Athare was the former winner.

Have you registered for the Marathon yet? The registrations are closing after 27th November. 


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