Wed. May 29th, 2024
Airtel Platinum Customers to get 'Priority 4G Network'

Airtel, a leading telecommunication company in India, comes up with some or the other good news for their customers every now and then. This time the good news is for the postpaid customers, who are especially the platinum members. Wondering if you are a platinum member? Well, if you use a plan of INR 499 or above, you fall into the category of platinum member. The platinum members usually enjoy a heap of benefits, one of which is a customized Platinum UI on Airtel Thanks App.

Recently, the company announced that advanced technologies have been deployed, and the postpaid platinum members will now be able to avail faster 4G network. In addition to this, these members will also enjoy red carpet Airtel customer care. This will further help them to get preferential service when they contact the call centers as well as retail stores.

The Airtel call centers as well as retail stores usually have dedicated staff who would attend the calls of platinum members on priority basis. The waiting time for these members is also cut down. The company also delivers 4G SIM to the doorstep of the platinum customers.

If you are not a platinum customer yet but want to experience all these benefits, you can simply get a postpaid plan of INR 499 or above. This will designate you as platinum member and henceforth you can enjoy all the benefits that are availed by the platinum customers.

Some of the bestselling postpaid plans include INR 499, INR 749, INR 999, and INR 1599. Each of the platinum plans come with 3g/4g data. The unused data is rolled over to the next month. These customers can enjoy 75 GB data on opting for INR 499 plan, while unlimited data if they go for INR 1599. The local/STD and roaming calls on each of the plan is free. These customers also enjoy Airtel Thanks Rewards. No matter which platinum plan the customers are going for, they all will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime Video. The platinum plans more than INR 499 even enable the customers to enjoy family add-ons.

Prepaid customers, who want to avail all the benefits of postpaid platinum plans and want freedom from the monthly recharge online, can switch to the connection and the plans. They can apply online and there will not be any cost charged to them to get the SIM activated. The postpaid SIM are also delivered at the doorstep of these new postpaid customers. The benefits enjoyed by the postpaid customers are way different than the prepaid customers. The family add-ons on the platinum plans above INR 499 help the customers in saving at least 25% on their mobile expenditure every month. They even experience better network and uninterrupted services.

If you intend to take a postpaid connection and a platinum plan, you can get information about the same either by visiting the website at or by giving a call to the customer care. Once you take the connection, you can manage it through Airtel Thanks App.

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