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Alexandra “Alex” Cooper stated that they would not edit another Instagram photo following a viral TikTok “uncovered” her for altering a photograph from her birthday celebration.

In Wednesday’s episode of her Spotify-exclusive podcast “Call Her Father,” entitled “I Acquired Caught Photoshopping,” Cooper stated she edited the photo while using application Facetune because she felt “uncomfortable” with how her body looked. The host added that she’s “absolutely” edited photos of herself previously.

The debate came about following a viral TikTok compared two versions of the identical photo that Cooper along with a friend had both published on Instagram. Cooper stated that although she published the edited form of the photo, her friend Lauren published an unedited form of it inside a “photo dump” with pictures using their visit to Vegas for Cooper’s birthday.

Based on Cooper, the following morning, she automobile up to and including vulgar Instagram message declaring that to consider her very own existence, plus a connect to a TikTok that they stated compared the photos alongside. It wasn’t immediately obvious which TikTok Cooper was talking about.


A relevant video evaluating the 2 birthday photos of Cooper, submitted on August 27 by TikTok user @jillyyyygirllll, accumulated over 184,000 likes.

“Literally exactly why you will find impractical body standards,” the caption around the video reads.

Some comments around the video were critical of Cooper, with a few talking about their very own body image and stating that beauty standards on social networking had dissuaded them from posting photos of themselves. But others defended Cooper and stated the onus for impractical body standards was around the systems that made women feel pressured to edit their photos.

Cooper stated that they has not viewed the recording and did not build relationships its negative comments. She also has not opened up TikTok because the incident, she stated.


Within the episode, Cooper stated she was to dinner with family and buddies in Vegas when she and Lauren required a photograph together before going to a golf club. But she wasn’t satisfied when she checked out the photos, Cooper stated.

“I recall searching at myself during these photos – I had been putting on this tan dress – and feeling uncomfortable with my body system. I did not like how my body system looked,” she stated on Wednesday’s podcast. “That whole night I felt so great and assured and happy, after which I saw individuals photos and that i was upset.” She edited the look on Facetune before uploading it whilst in the vehicle on the way to the club, she stated.


She also stated that they was “not going to edit a photograph” for Instagram “again,” wishing that others follows suit.

“People might be like, ‘oh my god, you are just acknowledging this since you got caught,'” Cooper stated around the podcast. “Yeah, but additionally no, but yes. I believe in ways it’s similar to an intervention.”

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