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Compared to conventional investments, the visual appeal of collectibles such as supercars, artwork, and watches can be difficult to resist. The option to mix the pursuit of prospective gain with personal passions or hobbies has a lot of attraction for high or ultra-high-net-worth investors. Investors trying to diversify their portfolios or protect against inflation may find collectibles appealing. 

From a financial standpoint, it’s preferable to think about collectibles as a pastime rather than a medium to generate money. 

Inflation adversely affects the value of money, and expenses for acquiring or keeping an asset can increase over time and burden people with unnecessary losses. However, any monetary benefits from collections should be considered a bonus, a vindication of the collector’s acute eye and good taste while minimizing the risk of inflationary costs. Alexandre Mourreau, the swiss-born entrepreneur, is a good candidate to be considered when discussing the maximum benefits earned from collectibles. 

Who is Alexandre Mourreau?

He is the Director of Cars and Coffee Geneva, where top-of-the-line automobiles may rev their engines and prove why they are labeled “best in the show.” Mourreau attended a boarding school for his elementary education. In 2005, he graduated from College Alpin Beau Soleil, and in 2010, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from IFM University in Geneva. He also completed his acting studies at Beatrice Bracco Acting Training in Rome, Italy. 

As a collector, he has supercars, watches, and works of art. Mourreau bought his first Lamborghini from Roland Affolter – Lamborghini Porrentury. Then he hired graffiti artist Alec Monopoly to paint and brand one of his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ supercars.

Alexandre Mourreau is trilingual and has always been fascinated with autos and engines. He sought a lifestyle based around engines or being in proximity to modern supercars regardless of their shape. 

Alexandre Mourreau has been following several automotive races since 2009 and has learned a lot. He identified gaps, explored options, and methodically designed a strategy for his firm to establish its niche.

Alexandre’s theory on collectible art as an investment

According to Mourreau, analyzing and identifying the current market is crucial. To maximize earnings, many artists buy/invest at the lowest feasible price till the profit rises in the coming years. The notion is not as simple as it appears; substantial market research and risk-taking are necessary. 

Although the market is full of risks, one may be certain that what they invest in will work because of many factors, such as the gallery the art is represented in. A well-known gallery exhibiting a young or developing artist’s work gives investors confidence since galleries have clientele, such as museums and foundations, which allow investors to invest in the art as a collectible.  

Well-versed in the watch collection market

Mourreau is well-versed in the market and understands exactly what and when to purchase and sell. He has set several parameters for his watch collections line as an investor, which he publicly communicates with others looking to participate. 

He believes that the number of watches necessary to become a collector or specialist is unimportant. A collection can range from a few pricey and rare antiques to vast and diversified collections. Specific brands and models outperform the market overall, making the quantity irrelevant.

Some characteristics, such as rarity and brand, are generic. However, other causes may include a limited model being discontinued or celebrities wearing the watch that makes the item desirable.

Future photography – Motivated by the same zeal

Alexandre owns and runs his photography and videography business, which he co-founded with his friend Florent Poncelet in 2012. Alexandre and Florent began by providing automotive photography services, which led to the firm’s formation. Alexandre’s life is motivated by the same zeal that propels Future Photography. Alexandre felt driven to do something that would make his family and society proud.

Future Photography rose in prominence because of the unwavering support of his good friend Florent to capture the event’s aesthetics and attractiveness.

They make it a point to send out clear, high-quality images with their amazing photography and videography, with great angles and viewpoints that bring out the best in an image. 

Providing unique content to the fans 

Alexandre Mourreau’s story is a constant reminder of what can be accomplished if one pursues their dreams and embraces what they are most passionate about. 

Alexandre Mourreau is dedicated to exploring his passion for supercars and providing unique content to his fans as he pursues new hobbies and business opportunities. He remains a positive and encouraging influence by being modest, properly utilizing his wealth, and pursuing his most passionate activities.

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