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Align the Spine, Align the Mind

Yoga bolsters:  an essential part of every student’s toolkit. These cyndrical cushions work wonders for elevating the spine, supporting your posture, and opening the heart chakra. Not only that, but yoga boosters provide maximum comfort during meditation sessions and breathing exercises.

The Flexity Yoga Bolster is the leading choice of yoga studios, students, and teachers around the country. Our pillows are lightweight yet durable, offering stability and gentle support to any asana.

Introducing the Maharaja Collection

Vibrant traditional patterns meet skilled craftsmanship in our Maharaja collection of Bodhi yoga bolsters. Each of our fan favorite designs come in two classic fillings: kapok and spelt hulls, so you can fully customize your Bodhi yoga experience. Whether you prefer the soft, plush contour of a kapok pillow or the denser stability of a spelt hull pillow, we’ve got everything you need for a rich and relaxing yoga experience.

Choose from five enchanting patterns rooted in yogic and Indian tradition: lotus, paisley, madurai, bandhani, or mandala. The Maharaja Collection features a vivid array of colors and our exclusive bolster design that ensures the best durability and comfort.

Supporting Your Body and Soul

Our traditional bodhi bolster has a cyndrical shape and works great for people accustomed to using foam rollers in their workouts. Kapok filled bolsters are perfect for supporting the neck and easing tight muscles near the throat chakra area.

One of our bestselling hits and fan favorites is the salamba bolster. This shape is more rectangular, making it exceptionally versatile in your yoga session. The flat shape gently elevates the chest and upper back area, allowing you to open the heart chakra and encourage the inward flow of energy.

The flat shape of this bolster makes it also double as a comfortable cushion for sitting in the lotus pose and meditating. We carry salamba cushions in both kapok and spelt hull fillings, so you can find the one that works best for you.

Pilates, Yin Yoga Approved

One of the most common things we hear about our bolsters is that they’re our customers’ new go-to workout tool! These pillows are versatile and endless in function. Whether you’re interested in pilates, yin yoga, or even crossfit, chances are this pillow can serve you! We even hear it makes an excellent pregnancy pillow. Whatever you use it for, we’ll make sure it’s top notch quality, so we can continue our mission of supporting you in your wellness journey.

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