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Israel and Palestine ConflictsIsrael and Palestine Conflicts

In October 2020, an Israeli court ruled that several Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah—a neighborhood of East Jerusalem- were to be evicted by May 2021 with their land handed over for Jewish settlers. In February 2021 the appeals hearings began and prompted widespread protests from both sides: pro eviction parties who support this decision because it will allow more homes on what they see as public property; while others argue against such action being forced out due rights under international law or simply stating no one deserves less opportunity than anyone else regardless of if you’re black, white brown yellow red green blue purple pink orange!

Palestinian demonstrators in Jerusalem have been demanding that the Israeli government stop evicting Palestinian residents from Sheikh Jarrah and other areas. The protests began on April 27th, with activists hosting nightly sit-ins to protest against these planned evictions which were soon approved by a court order earlier this month leading up until May 2nd when police forces arrived at central sites around town after being ordered remove them using force if necessary according many accounts both official ones published across media platforms within Israel as well those posted online such popularity sharing services like Facebook or Twitter where users are able discuss current events throughout nation.

This year, the Muslim community in Israel observe their fasting month of Ramadan with great significance. They are aware that this is an opportunity for them to show how committed they are towards peace and harmony by refraining from eating or drinking during daylight hours each day until after sunset – when Muslims traditionally break their fasts together at home before dinner time begins again later tonight (or early tomorrow). But there has been less dedication shown among many settlers who frequent areas around Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound located within Jerusalem’s Old City walls, rather than limiting themselves solely only.

The celebration of Jerusalem Day sparked a new round of violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict. After several consecutive days with clashes and using lethal force by Israeli police, Hamas launched hundreds rockets into their territory from Gaza which led to more tension throughout East Jerusalem as well as other areas near occupied territories like Shiloh or Bethlehem where there have been frequent demonstrations against live fire used by both sides since February 14th when an 18 year old Palestinian girl trying enter city through checkpoint was shot dead after it became clear she did not disengage herself during inspection due armed guards surrounding patrol car responsible for opening doors.

In response to the ongoing conflict, Israel launched air strikes on targets in Gaza. They later artillery bombardments that killed more than twenty Palestinians and destroyed residential buildings among other things such as tunnels or rocket launchers for Hamas who are currently fighting against them along with other militants from Al-Nusra Front responsible for launching rockets into Israeli territory causing injury but no deaths so far according to their victims’ accounts though one woman had her home reduced into rubble when it happened just last week!

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