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Your smile is a vital part of your facial appearance and predominantly affects how you look. Therefore, your self-esteem and sense of self-worth hugely depend on your facial appearance and, in turn, your smile. There are a variety of teeth problems that may affect you. These may be caused by bad lifestyle habits or infections. Dental treatment solutions are available to many people due to recent technological advancements. If you are on the lookout for Waterford crowns, continue reading the article further to discover what it’s all about.

What are Dental Crowns?

These are additional toppings that are put on teeth that have been damaged. They cover, protect, and restore your teeth’s shape when fillings do not fix the issue. They are typically made of porcelain, metals, ceramics, and resins. Only good oral hygiene is required to ensure proper maintenance of the crowns.

Your teeth can undergo wear and tear over time. This can be caused by injuries, tooth decay, or continuous use over time, making them lose their size or shape. Dental crowns are shaped like your teeth and placed on the destroyed or disfigured tooth like a well-fitting hat. They aim at restoring your tooth’s size, shape, appearance, and strength. The crown is firmly placed on your tooth, covering only the tooth parts that can be seen.

Why would you need to get a Dental Crown?

There are various reasons for getting a tooth crown which includes:

·         Restoration of a tooth that is broken or one that is highly worn down

·         Keeping weak or cracked parts of the tooth together thus protecting a weak tooth

·         Filling a tooth with a large filling and covering it

·         Covering extremely discolored or misshapen teeth

·         Holding a dental bridge in its place

·         Covering of a tooth that has been treated using a root canal

·         Dental implant covering

Several types of crowns can be placed on your teeth. ¾ crowns and onlays are dental crown types that do not cover the lower part of your teeth as much as conventional dental crowns, which protect your whole tooth. Onlays and ¾ crowns are recommended when you still have a solid tooth structure and are considered as a more conservative option than fully covering your tooth. The affected areas of your damaged tooth are removed, and your tooth is reshaped appropriately to receive the crown.

Permanent dental crowns can be made from many different materials such as:

·         Porcelain-fused-to-metal

This dental crown is made to assume the color of the surrounding teeth making it more natural-looking.

·         Metal

Metallic crowns are durable and rarely break as they can be made from nickel, gold, and chromium.

·         All-resin

These are relatively cheaper but wear down quickly.

·         Pressed Ceramic

They have a hard inner core and are capped with porcelain to better match other teeth.

Dental care is a commonly ignored part of your overall body hygiene. People assume that as long as you brush your teeth, there is nothing to worry about. However, you should use proper brushing techniques and better oral health practices. Visit our website or call our offices in Waterford, MI.

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