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When a person wears a crown or a bridge on their teeth, they are covering a whole tooth that has decayed, had surgery done to it, or perhaps is just malformed. Crowns and bridges allow you to chew food again without pain when the original tooth cannot go through all the necessary steps to restore itself. Crowns are custom-made to exactly fit the damage caused to the tooth, while bridges are used when there is more than one damaged tooth needing restoration. Customizing them makes it possible for people to feel confident in their smile once again because all of the teeth will be even and natural-looking in appearance. This article provides you with all you need to know before visiting an Encino crowns & bridges specialist.


Who is a Candidate?

Anyone experiencing pain, discomfort, or an unattractive smile can benefit from this treatment. Whether it be the elderly looking to restore their teeth, younger people whose mouths are not yet mature enough for implants to be used in place of natural teeth, or someone who has broken a tooth to where it cannot go through with fixing itself are all good candidates for this type of dental restoration.


What are the Different Types of Crowns?

There are three types of porcelain crowns offered to patients depending on their situation. The first is a full-coverage crown because it covers the whole tooth, acting as an artificial replacement for whatever has already been lost or damaged. When there is not enough healthy enamel left behind, the dentist may recommend a metal-ceramic crown. The last kind is a high-strength amalgam which is the least expensive, and this type of material is much less likely to be rejected by the patient’s body than other kinds.


How Are They Fitted?

The dentist will interpret the tooth that needs to be restored and send it off to a lab to create them ideally. They take the impressions by inserting a small cotton roll into the mouth, which is then surrounded with either putty or stone material to make an imprint. Once they get sent back to the dentist’s office, they will be fitted onto the patient’s mouth one at a time until all of them have been checked out for accuracy. This is done by using unique lights that look through into it. After checking, they will take x-rays to see how well it fits into the patient’s mouth. Once the dentist has approved it, they are ready to be encased onto the patient’s teeth, which is a temporary phase because it needs to be adjusted to fit well and look natural.


In summary, crowns and bridges are used as a way for people to restore teeth that have been damaged or decayed. They can be made from different materials depending on the damage caused and take 2-3 visits before they will look completely natural and will not need further adjustments.


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