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All You Need to Know About Matt Rife Girlfriend

The hottest and most charming comedian who has created a huge fandom. Matt usually posts clips of his stage performance on his TikTok and Instagram accounts which is a viral sensation. His new comedy special has been released on Netflix. In his comedy, his prime focus is the relationship jokes. Let’s learn more about Matt Rife, his comedy, and his relationship activities. 

Who is Matt Rife?

Who is Matt Rife

He was primarily, known as a comedian, TV star, and successful Film star who started his career back in 2014. If we talk about his influence career he becomes viral. If we talk about his personal life, he belongs to Los Angeles, California. His dating timeline is so viral he dated the British Actor Kate Beckinsale back in 2017 and 2018.

The multi-talented artist Matt Rife has a big hand in comedy and as him, he is influenced by Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais. Rife is known for his self-produced comedy special Only Fans which was released back in 2021, the next was Matthew Steven Rife released in 2023, and he also released his Walking Red Flag in 2023. All of his shows are very engaging and entertaining. He also began his journey as a comedian in 2019. 

Relationship Status of Matt Rife

Having a great fandom he has multiple relationships as well as multiple rumors of his love relations with multiple actors. If we look over his relationship journey, it has various ups and downs. His relationship also counts the name like Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale. Let’s know in depth about Matt rife girlfriends.

Liars Liars Dating Rumor in 2023

At the beginning of 2023, there were multiple news that the comedian was dating the actor and model Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale. Nevertheless, there was no such significant official comment has been made by the actress. If we refer to the GQ interview Matt has shared the conditions and his view about relationships. He shared that over the years he used to be on tour in this situation.

It is very hard to be in a place and give time to someone. Officially he is not ready for any kind of relationship but still, there are multiple calls related to Matt rife girlfriend. The relationship between Matt and Lucy is a rumor or maybe hidden but there is a kind of spark, that is making a flame.

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Matt rife ex girlfriend

There are multiple names that are attached with Matt Rife, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Lord counting on it. As per the record he dated Beckinsale back in 2017. 

Kate Beckinsale, Matt Rife ex-girlfriend

As per the record he dated Kate Beckinsale in 2017. while dating her he was 21 and Kate was 43 as per the records the relationship was totally private and held till 2019. Matt rife girlfriend records and information shared to TMZ, their relationship was complicated and went through multiple ups and downs which ended up as a backup. In one of his shows he joked about his relationship with Beckinsale, He said, he was a pet in that relationship. 

Jessica Lord, Matt Rife Girlfriend

Moving to July, One of the news articles shared about the romance between him and actress Jessica Lord, in Paris. They have been spotted in multiple public places and enjoying the holidays together. As per the records, there is no such official deceleration related to their relationships from any of the sides. But there are multiple accepted and rummer that indicate their relationships. 

Matt Rife Dating to whom right now?

The actor and comedian Matt Rife is very open to sharing his thoughts and opinions on any of the topics. He never feels shy about taking love relationships but still, he shares very less about his relationships he covers the topic with his sarcasm and funny jokes. He shared about his previous dating but there is no such authentic information in regard to his current relationship with anyone.

The accurate answers about Matt rife girlfriend are a bit difficult right now. But most recently, his connections with Jessica Lord have been spotted in multiple places.

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Social Profile of Matt Rife

As a comedian, Matt has gained a lot of popularity. His viral content is available on multiple platforms, and the short clips of his stage shows and stand-up comedy are viral on TickTok and Instagram as well and the full-length stand-up video is also viral on YouTube. He also related his comedy special on Netflix which is so entertaining and funny. 

Instagram Profile of Matt Rife

Camino as a TV actor, then film industry, and then a full-time stand-up comedian. He made a significant fan following. On Instagram he is available as @mattrife, on Matt’s IG there are over 6.4 million followers who love his content as videos and reels. 

Matt Rife on Youtube

The viral content of Matt Rife is also available on YouTube where fans can find his full-length viral videos, on YouTube his channel is available and named as @MattRifeComedy‧, on this platform, he has over 1.85M subscribers. He put himself into comedy so hard each of his videos is creating a lot of videos.

Ho Their most hit Matt is, that his special shows like Matthew Steven Rife have over 18 million views and the next special of him walking Red Flag has around 10 million views on Youtube which is a great sign of his success. 

Summing Up

The viral comedian has a great appearance and talent due to that, the topic of his relationships is always a part of the sensation. His name has been attached to multiple actresses like Lucy Hale, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Lord. Jessica is also a rumored, Matt rife girlfriend and is also considered his current girlfriend. Matt always is a part of a viral sensation. He has a great fandom as he has over 6.8 million followers on IG.

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