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We are living in a digital age where we have become extremely dependent on technology. The new innovations and tools have affected our lives in several ways, by making things smoother and more convenient, but alsoexposing us to the threat of cyber-attacks.  With dominating digitalization,so many activities are performed online, ranging from bank account access to addresses and names, the risk of cybercrimes has increased even more than before. The growth of remote workforces, connected devices and lack of cybersecurity are some of the most crucial challenges that the organizations are facing nowadays. Without a proper and effective cybersecurity system in place, it can become extremely challengingfor enterprise organizations and small-scale businesses to safeguard their confidential data and information from cybercrimes and other cyber threats that are common these days.

Many organizations are using cloud services in one way or another, whether it involvessupporting remote working strategy, store client data or facilitate the overall organization’s processes. This shift to cloud services has made cybersecurity the top priority of companies. In this digital era, it is of paramount importanceto configure theworkloads and cloud instances correctly and to install the required security controls to protect critical organizational applications and data.

The cyber assets of an organization are very important for its success and prosperity;therefore, companies use the combination of technologies, policies, people and processes in order to ensure protection from the rising cybercrimes. Latest technology has changed the already unpredictable and inconsistent cyber threat landscape, and now the cybercriminals have learned different techniques to break into a computer system by using Artificial intelligence and,by evaluating and analyzing user’s activity such as social media communications and emails.

Data breaches can lead to great losses which can impact the organization for months and can lead to many negative consequences such as loss of intellectual or data property, financial losses, business disruption, reputation damage, identity theft, legal liability or even business closure in worst cases. One company which is protecting organizations from these potential losses and damages by providing top-notch cybersecurity is ALSCO TODAY founded in 2007 by Dr. Kifah Hussain Abid. ALSCO is known for providing engineering solutions, custom software solutions, IT support and Cloud web services worldwide and especially in Middle eastern countries such as Iraq, where it provided cloud servers and web hosting services.Eng. Mohammed Kifah, Eng. Yasser Kifah Hussain, Eng. Zayd Kifah Hussain, Layth Alaa Faeq, Ali Mohammed Ali, Mustafa Majid Abdul Razzaq, Dr. Mazin Abdulelah Ali, Mustafa Alaa Faeq, and Ali Mazin Abdulelah are among the key people behind the formation of this company.

With an extremely skilled group of Inter-technology professionals such as system engineers, database specialists, software engineers, Microsoft-certified professionals, technical project managers, designers and integration specialists, ALSCO provides software solutions to organizations of all sizes using Artificial Intelligence. They are the providers and owners of a patented Network Traffic Analysis technology called the Secure Security Gateway. The company has been providing the Secure Gateway solution for almost ten years and has not only helped organizations in restricting hackers to dive in a system through servers by providing web applications, but has also helped companies in maintaining their brand reputation. By using the Secure Gateway of ALSCO, an organization doesn’t have to go the extra mile to handle their web security.

The main reason of the Secure Gateway success is ALSCO’s effective leadership and highly skilled staff, who are continuously monitoring and reviewing the clients’ database, so that any valuable information is not compromised.They carry out a detailed inspection after every two weeks to evaluate any new threats and gaps in the security. When they find any suspicious activity circulating, they gather and devise a proper strategy and solution for the problem.

Apart from the Secure Gateway Trademark, ALSCO is also the owner of Cloud Security Gateway trademark and Email Secure Gateway trademark. Both these systems detect, monitor and prevent a malicious program code from being uploaded from a customer’s computer to a webpage computer server. Other than these, ALSCO provides a number of IT services and solutions such as integration services and cluster solutions.

In a very short period, ALSCO has not only made a solid place for themselves in a highly competitive IT industry, but has also contributed to the overall success and growth of the industry by providing its data center services and IT solutions.



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