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Aluminium offers value for money to the homeowner. It has features and benefits which outweigh what other windows in the market promise to provide. Aluminium windows are the best when you need to upgrade to an aesthetically appealing, secure and long-lasting windows. The windows are popular for residential as well as commercial property owners.

aluminium windows for home

There have been a number of technology developments and this has made the windows durable, strong and easy to maintain. Aluminium has amazing features which keep attracting more and more users.If you want to know more about these features, see it here.

Weather Resistant

The good thing about aluminium is that you can install it anywhere regardless of the weather condition of the location. The material stands the test of time when exposed to various elements such as rain, cold, snow, and harsh sunshine. Aluminium windows do not bend, discolour, rot, rust, and it is fire resistant.

The material looks as good as new even after decades after installation. Property owners need not worry about maintenance as the windows require minimal maintenance. When you need a material which gives you value for your money, then you should consider aluminium for your windows.

Creativity beyond Imagination

Aluminium is a flexible metal. This makes it possible for designers to create custom windows with endless options for glasses and finishes such as the German aluminium window. The windows can be used in any property regardless of the decor in place. You can also get the aluminium windows in timber, metallic or pearl finishes. The windows have powder coating which can be found in various colours. You have the freedom to choose the colour that will match your property’s architecture and design.

Pocket Friendly Window but Efficient

Even though aluminium has amazing features, it is among the most affordable materials. It is stronger than PVC by three times and 4 times stronger than timber. The material can be recycled and this makes it a more sustainable option for windows. During recycling, the material uses 5% of the initial energy.

Glass and Slim Frame Combination

It is possible to have thin but strong window frames. This is because aluminium is strong so you need just a small amount. Slimmer windows look sleek, modern and aesthetically appealing for any home. Since aluminium is strong, you do not need to have grills upon grills of the material for maximum security.
Using a few lines on the window increases its appeal and it leaves more room for glass. This gives an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Some of the most amazing designs include side hung windows, top hung windows and horizontal sliding windows.

Energy Efficient Option

There are set building and construction regulations which dictate amongst other things, the sound and thermal insulation of a property. When the experts compared the thermal efficiency level of PVC, aluminium and timber, they found out that Aluminium has a higher thermal efficiency compare to the others. It is believed that aluminium windows loss or gain heat 60% better than the other materials through the windows. This is because the material offers higher levels of air, water and wind tightness energy efficiency in the house. In the end, it leads to less draughty, low energy bill and warmer homes.

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