Sat. May 25th, 2024
Amazing Acts For Our Healthcare Workers

During this Coronavirus pandemic it is abundantly clear that we have some of the very finest humans on eArth working within our healthcare sector and that is why they must be commended and resected more than ever before. In terms of businesses during this time there are many who have shown their true colors and whilst there are some how will come out of this looking very bad indeed because of their actions, there are others who will come out of it looking great, and much of that is because of what they have done for healthcare workers. One area I was to touch on today is the Coronavirus furnished corporate housing which we have seen being made available, which has been able to help so many health care workers in their gargantuan efforts which they have been making every day.

The Issues

So many nurses and colors have not been able to get home to see family because of their exposure to the illness and that has meant that they have had to make other arrangements in terms of where to stay. Hotels can be pricy and short term rentals have been difficult to obtain because of the logistic behind it, yet corporate housing companies have even ready and waiting for the healthcare workers, allowing them to stay in their places with huge discounts, giving them a home to stay in and not just a room. Another group of people who this has helped greatly are those healthcare workers who have crossed state lines from quiet areas to places where they are needed most, they too have needed hospitality and have found it in corporate housing.


It is not just the discounts which have been offered by these companies, they have also taken steps to ensure that the properties are being hygienically cleaned in order to ensure that there is no trace of the virus in these properties, and they have not been charging any extra for the fees that come with such deep cleaning. Beyond this staff have been getting extra training on social distancing, on the importance of hand washing and most importantly on how best to help healthcare workers who are staying in these properties.

What is most amazing about this incredible act is that these companies don’t have to do this and they are not doing it for their own benefit or for marketing purposes or anything as nefarious as that, they are taking these measures because they recognize the amazing work which our healthcare workers are doing and they are doing it because they want to repay that hard work with a nice benefit which ensures that these men and women have a comfortable place to sleep after a hard day, and a place which they can at least feel comfortable enough to relax and reset before they go at it again tomorrow.

Every company should be doing all that they can to reward the great efforts of our healthcare workers.

By David Smith

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