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An Exclusive Tax Deductions Guide

Did you know that tax credits and tax deductions are huge money savers? A deduction reduces the income you are taxed on, and that translates into a lower bill. A credit reduces your tax bill directly. Tax credits and tax deductions can help you save money if only you understand how they work and how to approach them. To get IRS tax relief, hire a professional accountant to help you with your complex tax problems and avail all the benefits from the government. This article has important details on tax deductions.

What’s Tax Deduction?

A tax deduction aims at lowering your taxable income. Therefore, it lessens your tax liability. You deduct the tax deduction amount from your income. You’ll have a reduced tax bill burden with a lower taxable income.

What’s a Tax Credit?

A dollar-for-dollar cut on your actual tax bill is referred to as tax credit. Some credits are refundable. For instance, if you have a tax debt of $250 but eligible for a $1000 credit, you are entitled to a $1000 credit, you will get a check of $750. (Most taxes are non refundable, though).

How can I Claim Tax Deductions?

You can claim tax deductions by either taking the standard deduction or even itemize the deductions. But it’s not possible to do both.

2021 Standard Tax Deductions

The standard reduction is a fixed amount you can deduct by the task system, and no questions are asked. Basically, tax deductions permit companies and individuals to cut some costs from their taxable income. This helps in reducing the overall tax bill. 

The tax system offers individuals the choice to sum-up all their deductible expenses and present proof of the IRS expenses once requested. Alternatively, a preset amount can be deducted, and no questions asked. The preset amount is referred to as a ‘standard deduction.’

What are Standard deductions Basics?

Standard deductions see that all the taxpayers have some income that isn’t subject to national income tax. Standard deductions rise each year to put up with inflation. You are allowed to either claim the standard deduction or itemize your deductions. Note that it’s not possible to claim the two in one year.

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What are the standard deduction amounts?

The filing status you qualify for influences the standard deduction amount. For instance, in 2021, married taxpayers and single taxpayers who choose to file separate returns can claim a standard deduction worth $12 550.

 But married couples who file jointly can claim double the amount, which in this case is 25,100. Also, taxpayers who file as the head of house’ (persons with dependents) are free to claim an $18 800 standard deduction.

Note that blind people and those over 65 years are entitled to a more significant standard deduction.

Itemizing deductions

An expense that can be deducted from AGI (adjusted gross income) to cut your taxable income to lower your tax debt is an itemized deduction.

Taxpayers itemize if they can claim more on this deduction compared to the standard deduction. Some itemized deductions include local taxes, charitable contributions, dental and medical expenses, mortgage interest, and state taxes. According to investigations carried out, high-income taxpayers opt for itemizing deductions.

What’s the Impact of Itemized deduction?

Itemized deductions lessen the tax burden by reducing an individual’s taxable income. The amount saved will depend on the tax bracket of the filer.

For instance, take the case of an individual filing married or single with $80,000 gross income and is claiming $15,000 itemized deductions. If these deductions are made from the gross income, the taxable income will be $65,000. Here, the actual tax relief is $15,000 (the deducted amount) multiplied by an individual’s tax rate within that income bracket. That’s 22 percent in tax in 2020 and 2021. From this example, you’ll have saved tax worth $3 300 through the deductions.

Itemized vs. standard deduction

Taxpayers are allowed to choose between itemized deductions and standard deductions. However, there is an exception to the standard deduction. They include married couples who opt to file separately and nonresident aliens.

Your decision on which option to go for should be based on which one among the deductions reduces your tax liability considerably. For example, if you will file as a single taxpayer in the 2021 tax year or are filing separately despite being married, -it’s better to go for the standard deduction of $12,550  if your standard deduction exceeds the sum of the itemized deductions.

However, if the standard deductions are less than the total of your itemized deductions, you’ll save money by itemizing. But beware that this option requires more forms, and you must prove that indeed you are eligible for the deductions.

Finally, lately, the standard deduction has increased considerably, and therefore it could be a better option than itemized deductions. Nevertheless, go for the option that has a lower tax bill.

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