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An Informed Guide To Buying Box Spring For Your Mattress

E. Joseph Cossman once said, “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” That’s spot on. A peaceful and proper sleep plays an essential role in boosting our health and mood, and it’s no wonder why! This being the reason, beds and mattresses are a major purchase among people.

But what if your mattress does not add height or provide sufficient support for the best of health? As there is no chance that one should compromise with their sleep, we have come up with a solution in the form of a box spring bed. Though it isn’t a mandatory addition, buying a box spring for your mattress can add bags of comfort and support while you sleep.

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What Is Box Spring, And Why Do You Need It?

A box spring is actually a box with springs inside it. It is specially designed to provide support to the mattresses that are of the same size as the bed. Made from either wood or metal, the box spring is then covered with fabric and metal support coils inside it. Although modern mattresses are quite comfortable and supportive in themselves, you still need a box spring in the following situations.

  • You are using a traditional metal rail bed frame.
  • You want to elevate the height of your bed for convenience.
  • You are especially recommended by manufacturers to use a box spring.
  • You are using a traditional innerspring mattress and want to add support to it.

Things To Consider When Buying Box Spring

Now that you have an idea of how important a box spring bed is for comfort and support, buying it for your mattress will be a great idea. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the one.


  • Compare The Comfort Level


Since getting a box spring and mattresses is a long-term investment for a serene sleep, it is a must to mull over the comfort level. You can compare the same by tapping and lying down over the bed at the retail store. Even if it sounds a little silly, it is a great way to ensure the quality, softness, and comfort of the box spring.


  • Height Of Box Spring


The box spring mattresses in India are available in varying heights. If you desire extra height while getting in or out of bed, a high-profile box spring will be a suitable option and vice versa.


  • Measurement Of Your Bedroom


Spending money on box spring beds and mattresses will be all waste if it does not fit into your bedroom. Thus, it is suggested to measure the length and width of your room before buying. Additionally, you should take measurements of stairs and narrow doorways to make sure if the bed and mattress will maneuver easily inside the room or not.


There is no better meditation than sleep. To ensure that you are investing right in your overall well-being and health, consider all the aforesaid factors before buying a box spring bed. Make sure to opt for the finest merchandise for the top-hole quality in your store.

Sleep Well! Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland 🙂

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