Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Following the rise of digitalisation, the sports betting industry has reached new, unprecedented heights. According to YogoNet, which cites data from a Zion Market Research report, the sports-related aspect of digital gambling accounts for 70 per cent of the market’s revenue. Not only that, but the sector’s value was forecast to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 8.83 per cent between 2018 and 2024. Should this progression occur, then the global sports betting industry will be worth around £112.45 billion.

One of the reasons why sports betting has become so popular within the 21st century relates to its immersive nature. Now, sports fans can engage with some of the world’s most highly-anticipated sporting events from the comfort of their own homes, and, rather importantly, through their mobile phones. But, how many markets are there to bet on? Well, let’s delve into the industry and consider what’s available to prospective players within the 21st century.

What’s Available and Which are the Best Markets to Bet On?

Currently, football is the most popular sport in the world, boasting a total of four billion fans, as per WorldAtlas. Although referred to as soccer in both the United States and Canada, modern versions of the sport have successfully captivated global audiences since the early 19th century. Because of its popularity, it’s one of the biggest markets within the online betting industry. Given that football exists globally, it allows sports betting operators to target different leagues and competitions.

Along with international events, such as the FIFA World Cup, leading platforms also explore lesser-known leagues, such as the Scottish League Two and Japanese J-League. Of course, they also host markets relating to Europe’s top divisions, but it speaks volumes about the sector’s scope that in-depth variation is more accessible than ever before. Additionally, individual player markets are also on offer, including who will win the Premier League’s Player of the Year and Golden Boot, which Mohamed Salah claimed in 2017-18.

Aside from football, other sports, like horse racing, are also thriving within the industry. Fascinatingly, despite their distinct differences, the introduction of live betting has revolutionised numerous betting markets. Given that odds can change in the blink of an eye, real-time wagers are now central to web-based gambling. For example, in football, a red card will alter outright odds, while an underdog leader will also impact the value of specific horse racing bets. It’s a testament to this type of betting activity that operators like Betway offer a live streaming service, allowing sports fans to watch high-stakes events.

Within the 21st century, regarding availability, most platforms don’t focus their attentions solely around the globe’s most popular sports. As such, niche alternatives are also available, and these include curling and water polo, for example.

Where Are the Best Places to Bet? 

At the time of writing, there are numerous platforms available to prospective bettors. Because of the variation that’s on offer, it’s worth taking some time to assess several options before signing up for a platform. When seeking to determine the best places to bet, it’s ultimately a subjective matter. Regarding the above, for those seeking real-time streams upon immersing themselves in live betting, then Betway may be the most suitable option. However, from an international betting standpoint, other operators are a little more appropriate. With its auto cash-out feature and 120 markets on average, bet365 leads the way concerning opportunities for overseas players.

According to the list of the top sports betting sites at SBO, the most-trusted operators provide bettors with sign-up rewards. For many, this may be a factor worth considering when contemplating where to bet. Currently, 888sport is a leading operator within the UK, as players receive free cash sign-up promotions. Not only that, but the platform also has the best value odds in football from a pre-match and in-play standpoint. For other games, however, 22Bet stands out from the crowd. Crucially, the platform has the best pre-match and in-play odds for non-football markets.

In order to find the best places to bet, it’s worth visiting review sites such as SBO. The complexity and depth of the sports betting market now mean that it’s arguably trickier than ever before to find trusted, highly-rated operators that suit your needs. Such platforms outline useful information that can assist with decision-making regarding where to sign-up. For example, Betway, bet365, and 888casino are suitable for local and overseas football fans, while 22Bet caters to fans of other sports.

The World of Online Sports Betting is Your Oyster! 

Although the variation of digital sports gambling may seem intimidating, it’s pivotal to embrace such a choice. Recently, operators have opened their eyes to niche markets, lucrative sign-up bonuses, and the interests of overseas bettors. As such, regardless of where you’re from or which sports you like, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone.

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