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The Online Quran Academy is a center for Islamic religious education. It offers an array of courses to those who are interested in studying Islam and the Arabic language, as well as those who want to pursue careers in fields such as law or medicine. Courses offered include: “The Study of Hadith”, “Jurisprudence”, “Arabic Language”, and more.

What is Quran Academy

Quran Academy is an online Quran institute that offers Quranic courses to students all over the world. courses are designed to help students learn and understand the Quran in a way that is beneficial for their personal growth and Islamic knowledge. There is online Quran academy in Pakistan which aims to provide high quality education and services to our students, so they can develop their potential and become excellent Muslims. We believe that through Quran education, individuals can achieve success not only in this life, but also in the hereafter.

. Why do I need to learn Quranic Arabic

Arabic is the original language of the Quran and it is different from Modern Standard Arabic. While Modern Standard Arabic is predominately used in writing and formal speeches, Quranic Arabic is used for prayer and religious readings. If you want to be able to read and understand in its original form, then you need to learn Quranic Arabic. Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to learn and there are plenty of online resources available to help you get started.

teachers at Quran Academy

The Quran Academy is a professional online academy that provides high-quality courses for teachers. The Academy has courses on teaching different levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Courses are offered in many languages such as Arabic, Urdu, English and French. The goal of the Academy is to make it easier for people who want to learn about teaching but don’t have access to a local class or teacher. The course also includes a certificate of completion at the end if you successfully complete all assignments in the course.

How to enroll in Quran Academy

Are you looking for a religious education that fits into your busy schedule? Check out enrolling in online Quran classes. These classes allow you to learn about the Islamic faith from the comfort of your own home. You can choose from a variety of course offerings, depending on your level of expertise and interest. Plus, online classes are perfect for people from all backgrounds. The first thing you need to do is decide if an online course or a personal teacher is best for your needs. Online courses can be completed at your own pace while teachers offer one-on-one lessons tailored specifically to your needs.


Quran Academy is an Islamic educational institution that strives to provide students with the opportunity to learn Quranic Arabic in a traditional, interactive environment The instructors are qualified to teach the language, and they offer a variety of skill levels so you can choose your desired level. In order to help Muslims, gain this valuable knowledge at an affordable rate, Quran Academy offer courses for those who wish to learn from home or online with teachers based around the world.

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