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  1. What is a Podcast?

Podcast definition is a name formed by combining the definitions (iPod) and (Casting). Podcasting, which started with the distribution of audio files and broadcasts, has become a $314 million industry in the United States, distributing content via RSS Feeds during the popularization of Apple iPods.

Current Podcast Listening Rates and Industry Data

According to Apple’s 2018 data, in iTunes;

There are 525 thousand total podcasts and 18.5 million episodes in total. Podcasts from 155 countries and 100 different languages ​​are broadcast Downloaded 7 billion podcasts in 2014.

10.5 billion podcasts were downloaded in 2016.

In 2017, this figure reached 13.7 billion downloads.

What Are the Benefits of Podcast Broadcasting?

Podcast broadcasts can benefit you or your brand in many different areas.

Thought Leadership:

As you produce quality content on the subject you are an expert in, receive guests. Who are experts in their field, and increase your audience, you will spread your knowledge and expertise. In this field and be remembered as an opinion leader in the perception of your audience.

Developing your circle (networking):

The most enjoyable and beautiful aspect of podcasting is that you have the opportunity to meet different and expert people in the field you are interested. Moreover, as you host the critical people of the area, as they share the relevant section within their networks, your multiplier effect increases. You get the opportunity to reach more people and meet more people. This feeds both your podcast feed and your network.

Planning a Podcast Broadcast: Identifying a Topic and Theme

When preparing your podcast broadcast, you must first determine your central theme. This will be the main framework of your program. We recommend defining the main topic in this section that will give you as much flexibility as possible.  

Who Will Listen to Your Podcast Broadcast? 

If you are going to talk about social entrepreneurship and you are a social entrepreneur. Then your target audience will be existing social enterprises, those who want to be social entrepreneurs. Non-governmental organizations, funding institutions. Benefit-oriented institutions and those who want to create change. It will make your job easier to prepare your content by thinking about your persona for this audience.

  1. Choosing a Name for Your Podcast Broadcast?

There are three main methods you can use when choosing a name for your podcast broadcast.

Catchy/Remarkable Name

Choosing a catchy, short name will keep the listener’s attention and listen. However, you need to include clues about what the broadcast is about in the title and let the audience know ​​what the content will be when they see the name. Thus, you will be able to stand out among hundreds of podcasts.

Descriptive Long Podcast Name

The advantage of such names, which are likely to be longer and more boring than catchy names. Terms that the listener understands the content without any second thoughts in mind—for example: “SocialPsychology,” “Healthy Living Podcast,” etc.


Using Your Name or Brand Name as a Podcast Name

If your name is known and has brand value due to your work and area of ​​expertise, you can choose this brand name management. Using your name can be risky if no one knows you. If you start and cannot continue and use your name, it can have a negative impact.

In summary:

Your podcast title should be short, catchy, and distinctive. Must be able to establish a bond with your audience at first sight

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