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Android TV Games

Android games and Android TV games are two different types. Many think that Android games and TV games are similar since both are Android. Android games are mainly developed or designed to work with touch screen. There are many games that user accelerometer and other sensors on phones. For example, car racing games use accelerometer to steering. TVs does not have such sensors and portability.

Installing a game that is only developed for phones does not mean that it can be playable on TVs. There are many Android games that are optimized to work with TVs. Most of them support game controller or game-pad to control game. Because is the easiest way to play games on Android TV boxes. There are games specially designed for TV boxes that can play only using TV remote. If you do not have game-pad you can play those games on your TV box.

Does it need gaming TV box to play games? Not at all. Because most of the Android games are designed to work with low end devices unlike windows games. There are TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Nvidia Shield TV pro specially designed for gaming. Those devices have high processing power, RAM, Storage for gaming. Nvidia even provide game controllers and other accessories for gaming too.

If you love to play Android games on bigger screen or TV, you can use cheap Android TV box too. I have tested many high-end games like Asphalt 8 on Mi BOX S (cheaper Android TV box). Those games work completely fine on Mi BOX S. There are many light weight and interesting games for TV. You can enjoy those games than many high-end Android games.

Install Android TV Games

Many Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, SkyStream and more support Google play service. Open Google play store application and go to game section. There you will be able to install lots of TV games for free.

Many Android TV boxes does not support Google play services. For those devices you can use Filelinked, Aptoide TV or APKTime. Those are like AC Market for phone. Those are the best available play store TV alternatives. Filelinked mostly has Android TV apps like free Movies, TV shows, Sport channels, Live TV apps for free. Because Filelinked stores are maintained by Android TV lovers all around the world. You can find awesome Filelinked codes on YouTuber, Facebook and other social platforms.

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