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At a unique rubber mat testing facility, Loughborough University professors George Havenith and Lucy Dorman researched anti-fatigue mats. The research had a total of 14 participants rectangular placemats. They were told to stand on a concrete floor (without a mat) or on mats – mats against fatigue – for five days of 90-minute sessions.

The researchers discovered that standing for 90 minutes produced severe discomfort in the study participants’ feet, legs, and backs after analyzing the data. Standing for this long produces a tight neck and shoulders, according to the study.

The study also found that using anti-fatigue mats, which are rubber mats designed to relieve stress on your feet and legs from standing for long periods, can help prevent many of these health problems.

What is an anti-fatigue mat?

Anti-fatigue mats are intended to relieve leg and body weariness caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface. They’re under your desk and should be easy to reach when you switch from a sitting to a standing position.

These mats may also protect your desk surroundings, prevent accidents, and help with a variety of other things. The anti-fatigue mats for standing workstations are made with a gel foam core, which provides just the right amount of comfort.

How does it work?

The reason why individuals prefer to walk rather than stand for long periods is that it is both easier and healthier. It’s because our bodies demand movement, and exercising our muscles is good for our joints and cardiovascular system. Pains, stiffness, and rheumatic sickness might result from not moving enough during the day, especially if we stand for lengthy periods.

Anti-fatigue mats function by putting the feet, and hence the legs and body, on a cushioned surface. The soft surface of the mat forces feet to continually adjust, which stimulates the usual muscular contraction and expansion we feel when walking.

This also stimulates the venous pump, which assists in the return of blood to the heart and reduces tension and fatigue, as well as hip and back discomfort. When compared to a hard floor, the shock absorption of anti-fatigue mats reduces spinal cord compression while also improving posture and blood circulation.

Benefits of the anti-fatigue mat for employees

You will get massive benefits out of anti-fatigue mats both for employees and your workplace, so let’s see which benefits employees will get from anti-fatigue mats. 

Tiredness Reduction

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to minimize tiredness from standing and the harmful effects they can have on people’s health. Anyone who has stood about for a couple of hours knows how unpleasant it can be, and this sensation is amplified when there are several hours in a work shift and multiple work shifts in a week. Sustained standing like this has been proven in studies to have severe negative consequences on workers’ health and well-being.        

Anti-fatigue mats are composed of a unique cushioned material that helps to avoid joint damage, swelling of the feet and legs, orthopedic foot issues such as Achilles Tendinitis, and venous illnesses such as varicose veins. It can also help with other common aches and pains including back, hip, and neck pain, as well as other problems that may lead to rheumatic disorders.

A safe environment avoids injuries at work

Also, slips and trips at work remain the leading cause of injury in the UK workplace, with 29 percent identifying this as their reason for absence or injury, compared to 22 percent citing lifting or handling. Slick flooring is a common source of these sorts of mishaps, which may be particularly dangerous in locations where water, oil, or other chemicals are handled.

There is currently a range of workplace mats intended to be resistant to one or more liquids to assist prevent slips and falls in even wet situations, in addition to decreasing tiredness. A textured rubber surface is inherently gripping for all workplace environments, and specific materials ensure that some anti-fatigue mats may also give extra traction in damp situations.

Benefits of the anti-fatigue mat for workplace

As well as employees, you need to look after your workplace and make sure it’s a safe and reliable environment to work in, and these are the benefits that the anti-fatigue mat will provide for your workplace.

Avoiding damage to your work equipment

Because of their anti-fatigue qualities, many anti-fatigue carpets are inherently more absorbent, resulting in less damage from dropped objects. There are now a variety of mats particularly intended to guard against the spillage of hazardous chemicals, delicate glass, and large items.

Although they won’t be able to eliminate all mishaps caused by dropped items, they can assist decrease the damage they cause. This includes cushioning the shock of glass to prevent breaking and minimizing the harm caused by falling large things.

Absorbing sound and vibration

While various acts and natural sound proofers exist, there are numerous anti-fatigue mats available now that are especially intended to absorb sound and vibrations. These mats are ideal for businesses that use heavy or loud gear and wish to create a more pleasant working environment.

No difficulties prior to cleaning

Most outdoor mats are much harder to wash and clean because of their material, but this is not the case with the anti-fatigue mat. Anti-fatigue mats are made to be simple to clean and maintain, making cleanup a breeze.  This is especially essential in businesses that deal with chemicals or liquids, as clean-up can be critical to the workplace’s overall safety. This, too, contributes to a more pleasant environment for everyone.

How does anti-fatigue mat help in improving your business?

The excellent thing is that all of these advantages will have a direct positive influence on your business. With over a quarter of all over-7-day injuries being caused by slips and trips and weariness from standing producing such a wide range of health concerns, you’ll want to see an instant and major advantage to your organization in the long run.

Financial benefits and providing safety

Accidents and absences from work cost billions of dollars throughout the world. While there isn’t always much you can do to prevent absences or workplace injuries, you can help to reduce them when you can by utilizing anti-fatigue mats, for example.

You can assist decrease the frequency of slips and trips, in addition to the various health issues caused by standing tiredness. Additionally, an anti-fatigue mat is available to assist improve the safety of any workplace.

Installing a solution that is tailored to your environment, such as insulated and shock-absorbing office mats or fire-resistant office mats, can dramatically minimize the number of accidents in your workplace. This will help not only your staff but will also save you money on paid absences and vacation time.

Getting the right mat

When it comes to selecting the proper anti-fatigue mats for your company, you must evaluate the advantages and which one you require. There are many mats to pick from, but you must first decide where and why you want to use them before selecting one.

In many companies and workplaces, employees are well equipped with supporting shoes, and the thinner anti-fatigue mats will suit them best when it comes to the industrial workplace for example. If we are talking about hospitality situations such as the kitchen, or just your home kitchen where people usually wear slippers or flats, the thicker anti-fatigue mats would be the right choice.

Anti-fatigue mats have become essential in today’s world when people choose to work at standing tables like V Ryzer. You can look after your employees’ health while also expecting them to be more productive if you provide these mats at their desks. As a result, your company’s profits will increase.


The researchers found that standing for 90 minutes caused serious discomfort to the feet, legs, and back of the study participants. The researchers also found that standing during this period causes stiff neck and shoulders. 

The study also concluded that using professional anti-fatigue mats or rubber mats designed to reduce the stress that affects the feet and legs when you stand for long periods, can help prevent many of these health problems. For a better workplace and safer working environment, anti-fatigue mats are the best solution, as well as improving your business.


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