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Similar Selfie Fixer

Aren’t we all obsessed with taking selfies? Well, if you have a good quality front camera, I bet you cannot resist taking selfies. And, one selfie is not enough at all. We always end up taking thousands of selfies, especially when we are traveling and trying to collect all the memories with us. This definitely results in thousands of stacked selfies in our gallery or Photos app. How do you clean this stuff instantly? If your answer is manual, my mate…you are doing it wrong! 

The correct is the answer is an app that removes similar selfies for you. And today in our blog, we are reviewing Similar Selfie Fixer by Systweak. Since we cannot manually clean our phones, we need an app that removes similar selfies for us. It is far better than collecting a lot of clutter on our phone, stressing out over it, and then deleting each one of them manually. 

Similar selfie fixer is a totally devoted app specially designed for targeting and removing duplicate or similar selfies from your phone. We have personally used this app and let’s read the insights of this app. 

Reviewing App: Similar Selfie Fixer 

Download Link: Similar Selfie Fixer

Available for: iOS 

Seller: Systweak Software

Size: 4.6 MB 

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later 

Price: Free 

Language: English 

Devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch

Similar Selfie Fixer is a free app available for iOS. The most loved benefit of this app is the Family share option. You can share this app with up to six people within your family. You can easily share this app on their iOS devices. 

Let’s read the Similar Selfie Fixer app’s features in detail. 

Detailed Review of the App 

To check the compatibility and working of the app, I downloaded the app on my iPhone. You can also download it from the below link: 

Download Link: Similar Selfie Fixer

I downloaded this app and found that the installation process was really and we were all set to target and remove similar selfies within a few minutes. 

Similar Selfie Fixer Homepage 

After installing the app on my iPhone, I installed the app and launched the app on my phone. I was welcomed with a home screen. From the screen, I needed to select from Normal, Aggressive, and Custom search option. 

These three were based on different criteria. I selected Normal to find out similar selfies on my phone. I found that the Aggressive option works in the same manner. Meanwhile, the Custom search option lets us customize the settings while searching for similar selfies on our devices. 

after tapping on Custom search, I found different scanning setting options that included bitmap, time interval, GPS, and matching level. These factors were added in the Custom search. after setting these factors, I was landed on the scanning process. 


After being landed on the scanning page, the scanning process provided the results instantly and met my criteria. I was able to find duplicate selfies on my phone. The process was quite easy and particularly  I instantly got rid of the duplicate selfies. The moment I scanned, I realized that manual checking and deleting is such a big task. This app worked like a savior for me. After the scanning process, I was asked to take the proper action and delete similar selfies from my iPhone to free up the storage space. 

Overall, the scanning process was quick and easy. 

Plan of Action 

After the scanning process, I was taken to the “Plan of Action” page wherein the user has to manually select and remove photos so that you can once confirm them before the app deletes similar selfies for you. The app advises you to check and delete the scanned duplicate selfies so that you can free up the storage space. 

This process is quite simple and easy-to-do, all you have to do is just hold the selfie you wish to delete or remove from your phone. Overall, the processes were really quick and user-friendly. 

After deleting the selfies, you will be directed to choose the most appropriate selfie. If you doubt the results, you can tap on Rescan and let the app again work for you, and find the closest duplicate selfie. Moreover, you can also tap on the Auto Mark tool to automatically mark the selfies that are less effective after considering all the factors. 

Social Connection and Sharing 

If you feel like the app is working best for you, and you wish to let people know about it. you can easily share the app on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. All you have to do is just connect your profile with this app and let others know about this amazing app that frees up your storage space instantly by targeting and removing similar selfies for you. 

I hope this blog helps you with the Similar Selfie Fixer app review. 

Thanks for reading! 



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