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organosilicon additivesorganosilicon additives
Farmers know that pesticides are what we must use in the process of crop management, but the use of pesticides also has drawbacks. One is the cost issue, and the other is the environmental pollution issue. The production cost of pesticides is high, and the price is also high. If a large number of pesticides are used, it will increase the cost of farming and reduce farmers’ income. For the environment, the extensive use of pesticides leads to environmental pollution and pesticide residues, which seriously affects the ecological environment. In the process of using pesticides, if the concentration is too low, the insecticidal effect will not be achieved. If the concentration is too high, it will easily lead to phytotoxicity and excessive pesticide residues will pollute the environment. Adding pesticide synergists to pesticides is the most versatile method. Pesticide synergist is an important adjuvant in pesticides. It has no activity by itself, but when mixed with corresponding pesticides, it can significantly improve the utilization rate of pesticides. Silicone is the most widely used synergist in agricultural production today.

Silicone additives mainly include the following three excellent properties: wettability, expansion and permeability.

1. Good wettability
Plant leaves, stems, and insect skin surfaces often have anti-wetting components or structures, and the leaves are often negatively charged, which repels pesticide liquids. Generally speaking, when the surface tension of the spray liquid is lower than the surface tension of the leaves, the spray liquid will adsorb and wet on the surface of the plant. On the contrary, the spray liquid will shrink and gather on the surface of the plant, and the droplets sprayed on the surface of the target object will roll off. . The surface tension of organic silicon additives is extremely low, which can easily wet almost all kinds of plant leaf surfaces and insect pest cuticles, greatly improve the coverage and contact surface of the target organisms by the liquid medicine, reduce the loss of pesticides, and improve its utilization efficiency.

2. Super scalability
Silicone additives have super-expanding performance. After adding the additives, the expanded area is more than 10 times the area of ​​pure water. This performance can make the sprayed chemical liquid cover and adhere to the leaf surface in the largest area, and even reduce The medicament can enter the pests hidden in the back of the leaves or in the crevices of the fruit trees, so as to achieve the purpose of direct contact with the medicament liquid or even killing the pests.

3. Excellent permeability
Stoma is one of the main ways for the medicine to enter the plant. The organic silicon additives can effectively promote the penetration of the medicine into the epidermis through the stomata, and the absorption rate is very fast. Studies have reported that silicone additives have a good synergistic effect on abamectin, which is mainly reflected in its ability to make the liquid medicine enter the microscopic pest hiding place, and secondly, it is absorbed by the leaf surface and enters the plant epidermis, prolonging the effect of the medicine. Residual effect period, and this residual effect period is longer than the residual effect period brought by mineral oil additives.

When organosilicon additives are mixed with pesticides, their characteristics are remarkable, and the main changes are as follows:

1. The excellent wetting properties of organosilicon enable the liquid medicine to spread quickly on the leaf surface, enhance the adhesion of the liquid medicine, increase the utilization rate of the pesticide, reduce the loss of the liquid medicine, and prevent the pesticide from infiltrating the ground and causing water pollution.
2. Organic silicon additives can significantly enhance the adhesion of the liquid medicine on the surface of plants or pests, improve the utilization rate of pesticides, accelerate the absorption of pesticides by pests, and improve the insecticidal effect to a certain extent, thereby reducing the number of sprays and reducing the cost of pesticides. Usage amount.
3. Organosilicon promotes the penetration of systemic agents through the pores and improves the resistance to rain erosion. There is no need to make up spray after rain.
4. It can reduce the amount of pesticide use and water consumption per unit area, reduce pesticide pollution, and reduce pesticide residues. It can be used in conjunction with insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

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