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After graduating high school, a lot of students wish to pursue law as a career because it has innumerable opportunities and the satisfaction of bringing justice to innocent people. The Amity Law School at Amity University Gurugram offered all of these five programs with the best and modern education and technology. Law schools at the Best law colleges in Delhi offer all five courses that are present in this profession. These five courses are BA LLB Hons, BBA LLB Hons, B.Com LLB Hons, LLB, and LLM. Every course is different from the other but they’re all related to Law. The law colleges in Delhi NCR helps students enhance their skills and help them achieve great things in life.


It is an integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law degree of five years. Students can pursue this course right after they graduate 12th standard but they should have a minimum of 50% overall aggregate in the relevant and recognized board. It is a course where candidates are taught law as well as art subjects. The Best law colleges in Delhi convey education to students not only by classroom teaching methods but also by the means of moot courts and case studies. The students should be hard-working, sharp, good at research, intellectual, fluent in their preferred language. They should have a good judgment of people and situations, persuasiveness, and confidence along with convincing power and good presentation skills. By this program, they can apply for a job as a lawyer, solicitor, advocate, etc.

B. Com LLB Hons

  1. Com LLB is an integrated course of five years where students are taught both commerce as well as law subjects. It is a professional law degree that includes business statistics, auditing, business communication, economics, and some law subjects like the law of contract, consumer protection law, constitutional law, legal language, and the law of crimes, constitutional law, and many more. Just like BBA LLB Hons students are supposed to have a minimum of 55% overall aggregate in the 12th standard exams by a recognized board. The only things that can help students apart from joining law colleges in Delhi are that they have a few key skills that are required to be a qualified law graduate including interest in research, convincing power, objectivity, integrity, good presentation skills, fluency, and ability to work long hours. Students should enroll in the Best law colleges in Delhi to get better opportunities.


It is the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law. It is an integrated course and on the completion of this course, students are awarded a professional degree. The duration of this degree is five to eight years. The students should have a good reading speed. They should be good at research, confident, able to analyze facts, etc. The clarity in speech, intellect, and objectivity will get them very far in the future. They can get jobs as legal advisors, teachers or lecturers, etc. they can get appointed by high courts, district courts, private practices, or government firms. It is offered at the law colleges in Delhi NCR.

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