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There’s an app out there for just about everything, and the apps that are currently available only continue to become more intuitive and offer further change to the day to day from apps to help pay bills, apps to entertain with streaming slowly stepping into the world of box office, and apps to replace brick and mortar as many players check this list of betting promo codes to replace their usually in store options – over the past few years there has certainly been a growing need for many different kinds of apps, and for those looking to get back into a good pattern of a nights restful sleep can take advantage of the many apps out there to promote a healthy nights rest – so what are some of the favourites and what is it they offer in this regard? 

Headspace is certainly one of the biggest and has made a name for itself as a great meditation app – helping individuals focus on breathing patterns for relaxation, courses to help relieve stress, and of course the coveted “sleepcasts” which provide listeners with a way to explore different ways to improve a good nights rest. Whilst there is a wealth of free content on offer that can be explored, there’s also a paid version that offers many different ways for users to explore different meditation options and different ways to encourage a good night’s rest too.

Others are a bit more in-depth and may require some added peripherals – Oura has been labelled as one of the most accurate sleep trackers out there – the sensor in the hardware is considered to be extremely accurate and help to track heart rate, sleep activity, temperature, and many other things too. If the goal is to improve sleep and find out where problems may be coming from during a restless night, then apps like Oura and the hardware that comes with it can help here – whilst the app is free, the hardware does come at quite a steep price so will certainly need to be something fully committed to.

There are some other apps that also come with some hardware but with a slightly different direction – Muse is considered to have a pocket sleep assistant that offers something similar to headspace with guidance on how to fall asleep with different meditation practices and breathing exercises to help train a person to sleep better, and with an optional headband that offers additional tracking similar to that of Oura, however perhaps not as in-depth. It is again another expensive commitment at $250, but the app is free to try for those who would like to without the addition of the tracking hardware. 

Particularly with a change day-to-day schedule and a working from home lifestyle, there has been a lot of disruption, but the use of these tools can help many get back on track and find a healthy sleeping rhythm once more.

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