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There are three ways to create an AR-15 chassis.


Cast Castle cameras are made by pouring molten aluminum into a castle shaped mold. The mold is then machined and drilled.

Casting produces the weakest AR-15 sub-chamber because the metal is the least dense and has a loose grain structure like sugar. Sure, die cast receivers work and are cheap.

However, if you need a tough and durable ar15 80% lower, the AR-15’s die-cast aluminum chassis may not be strong enough.

Recording processing

Billet machining is more powerful than casting because it starts with a forged block of aluminum called a billet. The logs are machine engraved in the shape of a safe.

Inferior log parts often look great because many adjustments can be made by the fabricator during the machining process. In addition, the lower billet hopper is stronger than the lower injection hopper because the forged billet is denser than the dense particle structure casting.


Forging is the process of heating aluminum into a castable position and forcing the aluminum into a wedge shape. The form is filled out on a typewriter.

The ar15 80% lower Forged Lock Chamber is the strongest and most durable because casting aluminum produces the densest metal and densest particle structure. The wood grain structure follows the shape of the bulwarks and is even stronger.

The good news is that the forged ar15 80% lower sub-pod is usually not the most expensive option. Counterfeiting is an effective way to generate fewer buyers. In most cases, fake background triggers are cheaper than log background triggers.

Short Stories: Save money and gain stamina. Sell ​​counterfeit shelter chambers.

AR-15 reduces receiver tolerance and quality control

The final price factor is the amount the manufacturer spends on tight tolerances and quality control of the finished product.

Lower bolt chambers with tighter tolerances are more prone to disorderly placement of the upper bolt or spillage of the buffer tube. You may need to drill a hole to install the drain pin.

Lower AR-15 keyways with tighter, more precise tolerances are generally no less suitable. But quality control also plays a role here.

Even a properly constructed lower corner chamber will roll off the production line with incorrect specifications that do not match the lower corner components. Manufacturers with strict quality control detect this lower body part and prevent it from being sold or sold as factory used merchandise.

On the other hand, if the quality control is loose, the buyer may slip and get.

As a result, more expensive lower receivers are often manufactured to tighter tolerances and subject to stricter quality control. Therefore, you are less likely to buy lemons.

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