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An AR QR code generator is used to generate an augmented reality QR code. But what role do QR codes play in augmented reality (AR)? And who would have guessed that QR codes in AR would ever become a thing?

You can get more out of your current marketing campaigns and engage more customers by using augmented reality (AR) advertising with a QR code generator (генератор QR кодов).

Now that the AR experience is more widely known and has established its place in digital marketing and advertising, marketers and business people are swiftly implementing this creative advertising style to promote sales.

According to Marketing Week, AR will be valued at $70bn to $75bn by 2023. How does the QR code fit in?

Simply put, QR codes are the gateway to augmented reality advertising.

What role do QR codes play in AR advertising?

QR codes enable the redirection of multimedia content. Using QR technology can quickly create a one-of-a-kind experience simply by scanning the QR code with consumers’ smartphones, making your campaign accessible to all.

When a customer scans a QR code on your advertisement, you can redirect them to different content.

It might be awards, prizes, coupons, music, a film of a brand narrative, a poll, or a game that customers must play and win.

Marketers and advertisers can embed information behind their QR codes by using an online QR code generator with a logo. They can select whatever type of content they believe will work with their advertising aims.

It is totally up to them to create their marketing effort to entice buyers. However, QR codes will be essential in putting all of their marketing plans into reality.

How could QR codes linked with the AR experience make your TV advertising more gamified?

QR codes can be scanned in print, on TV, or on computer screens to access marketing content.

Innovative marketing and advertising efforts using gamified and augmented tv ads have gained significant popularity in recent years, helping to shape a new marketing paradigm required in this era.

The advent of digital marketing and the availability of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and internet access has made augmented reality QR code experiences more accessible than ever.

Many business owners and marketing firms were eager to accept and welcome QR codes, bridging AR applications to TVs and creating a whole new enjoyable experience, allowing viewers to explore and discover what is around them in a physical-world context.

How to use an AR QR code generator

  • Visit to create a QR code (QR код создать).
  • Choose the type of QR codes you want to create
  • Enter the details needed to generate your QR code.
  • Switch from static to dynamic QR
  • Do a scan test
  • Download and distribute the QR code

AR advertising via QR codes

Free meals

Of course, people enjoy eating, and receiving a free lunch is always appealing. Burger King, one of the world’s fast-food giants, recently used QR codes in an innovative method that will surely excite their home viewers while offering them the chance to win a free whopper deal while sitting comfortably on their couch!

A moving QR code will show on television screens a few times, which they must scan. If the viewer is quick enough to capture and scan the moving QR code, he could win a free whopper deal!

Allowing viewers to participate in entertaining games

Increase client satisfaction by using QR codes to link viewers to engaging activities such as scavenger hunts, trivia questions, PokemonGo, or even your own game.

With most people locked at home binge-watching on their television screens, this could be your ideal opportunity to advertise and turn your marketing campaign into fascinating games that viewers will like playing.

Award gift vouchers

You can engage your television viewers by giving them rewards such as gift certificates if they complete a job, which they can redeem online and use later.

You can even give them extra points or free coupons if they share it with their friends or social media.

Boost purchases

Allow TV viewers or customers to buy products, items, or goods by putting your web or e-commerce store behind your QR code and redirecting consumers directly to that experience.


QR codes for augmented reality advertising on smartphones

Future marketing and advertising will rely on technological inventions like QR codes as e-commerce and digital marketing expand, leading to augmented television ads.

Rendering material in augmented reality can make your marketing campaign fun and thrill for consumers.

Smart technology, such as an online Dynamic QR code generator, allows advertisers to track ad scans. It also provides their scanners’ demographic data, helping advertisers better understand and evaluate their target population.

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