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Are All-season Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth The Higher Price?

As the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter, many of us are looking for some time of summertime activity to cool us down. Because of the ongoing pandemic, travel isn’t as easy as it once was. Naturally, many of us are looking for solutions to vacation at home. Personally, I thought of getting myself an inflatable pool for my backyard. A friend of mine suggested a hot tub nz, which confused me because I thought the point was to cool down! She explained that I could use the best inflatable hot tub for winter and summer too! After lots of research, here’s what I’ve learned.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Can Double As Pools

There is no rule that says you need to turn on the heat on your inflatable spa, so you can easily have the water at the same temperature it would be in any other backyard swimming pool. The heat is an advantage if you live in an area that gets cool summer nights, so you can also switch between uses. Keep in mind, however, that heating the entire tub of water takes a lot of time.

What About The Water Pump?

Most hot tubs that advertise as all-weather hot tubs allow you to turn down the water pump to a minimum level. This keeps the water flowing through the filters and ensures that the water is clean. If you still want to turn up the water pump to get a massage from those jets, you can do that too. However, the massaging effect is significantly reduced when the water temperature is on the lower side. also check out Catch Air Kennesaw GA.

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Suitable For the Winter Months?

So we’ve discussed using your hot tub during the summertime to help you cool off, but many people still have doubts about using something inflatable in combination with heat during the winter. In fact, the materials used for inflatable hot tubs nowadays are very sturdy and can handle the heat needed to combat colder temperatures during the winter. Using a hot tub in the winter can be a great way to relax outdoors. Even if you live in a particularly colder climate, there are many portable propane heaters that are specifically designed to help an inflatable hot tub keep steadier temperature as colder ambient temperature causes significant heat loss.

The Bottom Line

Inflatable hot tubs are an affordable investment you can add to your backyard, and it is simple enough to make use of them all year long. If you ever feel the need to stop using the hot tub for a few months, deflating the hot tub is a simple enough procedure. You can easily store it flat, and it will last you a long time so long as you keep it dry when stored. Additionally, inflatable hot tubs are made of strong materials that are puncture-resistant and lightweight. In other words, getting an all-season hot tub is worth the investment because you will easily be able to enjoy its use all year long.

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