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Black chino pants

Unlike women, men generally fear to be more undressing rather than overdressing. When styling with chinos, men have many doubts apart from undressing fear. Black chino pants are highly in trend as the trousers go with almost all shirt patterns & colors. 

Earlier, chinos were part of the everyday routine; however, with the change in the fashion industry, the perception of chinos has also changed. Chinos are no longer limited to cocktails or casual dress codes. They look absolutely appealing with business formals. Those center creases, slim fit, and welted pockets make them a perfect fit for office attire & formal occasions. 

How to Differentiate Casual Chinos from Formal Appeal?

As now you know that chinos can be a part of formal attire. In comparison to jeans, chinos are a more formal category. So, time to bid goodbye to your jeans if you wear them for your professional look, no matter if the dressing is full of dignity.  

But the question is how to differentiate casual chinos from formal ones? There are specific guidelines that make it look dressy or informal. Let’s learn about them! 


  • Always look for center crease chinos to get the professional touch. To make it your smart-casual style, then you are free to go for flat-front chinos. 
  • Pleats look formal, whereas cuffed hems are more on the casual side.
  • You can get the slimmer trouser pants for men from Perk as they have a wonderful collection of chinos. Slimmer chinos are more for formal dressing. 
  • Don’t overlook the stitching on chinos. Decorative stitching is an ideal choice for casual style. On the other hand, less visible stitching seems to be a formal fit. 
  • If your chinos have patch pockets, then casual style is on. In contrast, welted pockets & jetted pockets are favorable choices for a professional look. 
  • Darker hues such as black & navy are perfect for business formals, which is totally opposite in casual dressing. 

Two Main Dress Codes That Make your Chinos Formal Enough 

➤ Semi-Casual 

Semi casual is not entirely casual, and it makes you look quite professional yet elite. You can still go here for t-shirts & sneakers. Just ensure your t-shirts and sneakers are not too party-type or hangout one. Better to pair up with a turtleneck sweater or simple t-shirt and layer with a sophisticated coat. The style is undoubtedly going to be adored by you and your colleagues. 

➤ Smart Casual 

Have you heard about the term business casual? If so, then the term can be replaced by smart casual ( as it’s another term). These two terms mean one thing. Here one looks extra formal than the semi-casual dressing. On many occasions, such as conference meetings, office parties, or even weddings, men carry a smart casual look, and trust me; it’s breathtaking. 

Here one mixes the traditional casual with more formal pieces of clothing. Men can wear blazers, dress shirts, shirts with a tie, leather boots, etc. Plus, one will not feel uncomfy or frustrated after an hour as Chinos will allow you to sit or stand with comfort. You can carry the style for longer hours. 

Therefore, chinos are accepted as formals and can be carried in smart casual or semi-casual styles. 

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