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Halfway houses are meant for your interim stay when you wish to step into the world of family and members but do not possess the required confidence yet. These sober living houses help substance abuse victims to come to terms with their new way of life, sans addiction. 

A regimented and disciplined outlook helps them to keep their addiction freedom in focus and lead their lives exactly as any normal person should! And if safety is a concern, it is important to reiterate that halfway homes are absolutely safe spaces for inmates and also for those living in and around one such structure. 

Why is Safety Concerns Discussed? 

Unfortunately, since halfway homes house addicts on their way to recovery, there has been some baseless bad air surrounding them! Some isolated cases of bad behaviors by inmates have fuelled a generalized perception, triggering speculation around the safety parameters of halfway homes. However, these incidents are too few and far between. 

There has been no official record of any safety-related compromises happening inside or within a limited periphery of a halfway home. When chosen wisely, these homes are highly safe places for recovering addicts. Substance abuse survivors are placed under strict monitoring here. They even draw solace and support from the suitable surroundings of these recovery homes. 

Tips to Live Safely and Productively in Shared Spaces like Sober Homes 

If safety continues to be a lingering concern for you, here are some tips to adhere to for living here in complete safety. 

  1. Online research is not enough. You need to make personal visits to the chosen facility at least a couple of times, during different parts of the day, before checking in. 
  2. Before you sign on the dotted line make sure you check the license document carefully. So, if you are checking into a halfway house in Tennessee, you should read about the laws pertaining to the specific state and then re-check the licensing document for proof of adherence. 
  3. The housing authority should also have a license for the alcohol and drug program that may be in force within the premises. Every program that is used for ensuring discipline should be a tried, tested, and licensed one. 
  4. Never carry valuables within your premises. Valuables can trigger greed and greed may lead to thefts resulting in a truly unfortunate turn of events. Remember, people who come to live here may be still struggling with addiction problems. You need to understand how their psychology works. 
  5. Do not carry any sharp objects or weapons with you. 
  6. Always stay focused and never deviate from your goals while living here. 
  7. Develop familiarity with the community members of the house. 
  8. Make sure you are familiar with the local transport system to make your work-related travels easier and more convenient. 
  9. Have a support group in place. One that is mediated by a friend or mentor is preferred. 
  10. Prefer sticking to a daily routine and structure. 

Conducting yourself in the right manner is important for ensuring a successful halfway house stay. Make the most of the money you spend here! 

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