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Are kn95 Masks the Best at Stopping COVID-19?Are kn95 Masks the Best at Stopping COVID-19?

Covid-19 caused a global stir as the deadly virus infected millions, and hundreds of thousands died. Health experts continue to urge people to wash their hands regularly and, most importantly, to wear face masks to prevent the viral spread of the virus. There are different types of masks to protect yourself from virus like surgical mask, N95, N100, FFP2 or FFP3 masks. The Filteration system of all the masks are different as per brand to brand. As per reviewer, we recommends philips fresh air mask. It is one of the best of N95 masks available in the online and offline market.

While any face mask is better than having none, the KN95 face mask has gained wide recognition among the masses as it is also available to non-health-care workers. Also, the FDA approved the use of KN95 masks by healthcare workers after a severe shortage of U.S.-approved N95 face masks.

But the question remains, are KN95 face masks the best for stopping Covid-19? Click here and see why they might be the best.

What are KN95 Face Masks?

KN95 is a regulatory standard term used to describe a face mask’s efficiency in filtering out small particles in the air we breathe. KN95, therefore, means that the KN95 face mask can filter out 95% of very small particles, thereby preventing them from reaching our breathing system.

The KN95 regulatory standard is based on China’s government and public health testing and approval. The U.S. version of China’s K95 is known as N95, but both have the same filtration efficiency of 95%.

The only major difference between KN95 and N95 is the loops that attach the mask to your head. The KN95 loops attach around your ears while the N95 loops attach around the head.

Where do you Find KN95 Masks for Sale?

One of the best places to find KN95 face masks for sale is your local pharmacy or drugstore, where they sell authentic medical apparatus. Another option if you require a 24-hour delivery of your mask is getting them from a legit online store where you can also get to buy the KN95 masks in bulk.

What Does 95% Filtration Efficiency Of KN95 Face Mask Mean?

The KN95 is made up of multiple polypropylene polymer synthetic material layers to achieve 95% filtration efficiency of small particles. It is also designed to properly cover your nose and mouth so that no gap is left at the edges of the mask that can allow particles in.

Health experts suggest that Covid-19 is transmitted through small droplets when people sneeze, talk when they are close to each other, or cough. Transmission of the virus can also be caused when you touch your face after touching an infected surface.

Now let’s consider the size of respiratory droplets, either from sneezing, coughing, or talking, that are the major cause of transmission. These droplets are mostly estimated to be 0.3 microns which are invisible to the naked eye and also airborne. To put this into perspective, the naked human eye can only see airborne dust particles, 25 microns in size.

The KN95 face mask can filter out 95% of the 0.3-micron size particles that you come into contact with during the 12 recommended hours of use. For this reason, you can see why the KN95 face mask is probably the best at stopping and preventing the viral spread of Covid-19.

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