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A successful society cannot function without law. Law is viewed as one of the main foundations of how a person or a country lives and creates rules that their government will follow. Studying law requires time, devotion, and expertise, none of which can be acquired without experience. This is where Viv comes in. Viv is a friendly and knowledgeable barrister, legal academic and former lecturer at various universities in the United Kingdom. He considers every student unique. He uses individually-tailored strategies to teach critical thinking, encourages learning with his tutees, and builds a personal rapport with all of his students. Over the years, Viv has tutored thousands of law students on their law courses, seeking specialist tutors for the law courses. As a result, Viv holds more experience and knowledge than any other law tutor in London.

Additionally, Viv has taught several other law tutors in and around London. It is both the personal and professional motivation of Viv to seek and disseminate knowledge while following the highest standards of academic integrity and intellectual honesty. The traditional approach emphasises knowledge and application. However, the amount of work Viv can do for you is unlimited, so whether you need assistance with coursework, assignments, exams, or revision tactics, or require a longer-term arrangement – Viv is here to provide quality assistance.

According to Viv, the tutoring experience should be individualised. Viv’s tutoring sessions are based on what the students find challenging. He is committed to teaching in the manner that most suits his students’ learning styles, but he does prefer to provide an interactive environment since he believes this provides the greatest depth of understanding and helps to effectively consolidate knowledge. It is typical for Viv to begin with a general explanation of the topic, followed by a detailed explanation of the area in question.

Viv has lectured at several educational institutes and has taught a wide range of law subjects, including Contract, Land Law, Equity, and Trusts, and European Union law. In addition to teaching Tax Law at a London university, he was the module leader at the same institution. Tax law was one of Viv’s favourite subjects to teach, with packed seminar rooms whenever he was teaching. One of his law students described him as “an exceptional law tutor”.

Law students studying English law can take advantage of Viv’s private law tuition service. As well as being environmental friendly, Viv is committed to reducing his carbon footprint, which prompted him to choose online law tutoring. Viv has a positive teaching approach as a law tutor and has never had a dissatisfied student. He believes that all of his students leave his classes with a clearer idea of where they are headed. In addition to his extreme popularity, Viv ensures that all of his students strive for success, which has resulted in many of his students using his services up until the LPC or the Bar Course. Viv is an extremely versatile and holistic teacher.

It can be very difficult for a student to locate the perfect law tutor who can both match his or her needs and be an excellent law tutor. Students who are seeking tutoring, support with essay writing, essay marking, feedback on essays, exam preparation, or career advice will find these services useful. Each student that needs his help receives a set of services that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Viv is happy to assist students, whether it is for an occasional session or more often. Private law tutors like Viv work differently than other law teachers. Viv Law Tutor uses a variety of online platforms to provide his online law tuition, including Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and WhatsApp. As a result of his wide experience, Viv understands what each university expects from their students during their legal studies. Tutors who offer standard law tutoring services are plentiful. In comparison to the others who claim to have “top law tutors”, Viv’s service is the best. He is well acquainted with University’s syllabuses, which enable him to ensure that he covers all the necessary aspects with students in order to ensure their success in their law course. Additionally, Viv holds several legal degrees, professional courses, and has a master’s degree, all of which are combined in a melting pot that he uses as a foundation for his education.

There are a variety of study aids that Viv uses to support his teaching, the types you would typically find in the classroom of a law lecturer at a University. The notes that Viv provides to his students are comprehensive and have been assembled by him. Additionally, Viv has also drafted his own course notes that he has accumulated over the past 15 years to update for university law courses.

The quality of Viv’s work is guaranteed by his actions alone. Thus, he is able to devote himself to each client, preparing them for their future legal endeavours and helping them grow professionally. From the beginning, Viv makes every effort to instil a mind-set of thinking like a lawyer in each of her students.

Viv has been transforming average law students into high-achieving legal scholars for more than 15 years. Graduates of the Bar Course who are struggling to secure pupillages have been among Viv’s recent clients. However, this is not something that will be easy. Assisting them with the filling out of their work experience, publishing articles and making relevant and specific applications, Viv works with them. He also assists graduates of LPCs and SQEs looking for a training contract with applications, assessment centre tasks, interview skills, and enhancement of their profiles. Among his other clients are parents who want their children to attend Oxford or Cambridge. A level preparation, LNAT, academic preparation, profile building, applications for summer schools, and University interviews are all included in Viv’s package solution to help students achieve this.

It is not cheap to instruct Viv. A senior tutor cost upwards of £120 for their consultation. The same applies to Viv, who charges £150 per hour for his credentials, including 15+ years’ experience as well as the rare ability to be a natural teacher. Viv will be available from 8am-11pm on normal days. Sometimes he will be available six days a week. Viv does offer discounts to students who book their sessions in advance.

Whether you are a law student considering getting a law tutor or a parent wanting your child to get that extra help they need to become a lawyer, this is the place to be. Viv is the ideal law tutor in UK. It is Viv’s responsibility, as a law tutor, to provide law tuition to students to help further their understanding, and to be a support mechanism in completing their legal studies and academic requirements to become a barrister or solicitor. He is completely independent, so there is no conflict of interest. You can set up an appointment with Viv now.


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