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Over the last decade, there has been a huge spike in the use of e-commerce sites for purchasing all kinds of items, including gifts, jewellery, clothing and shoes. With COVID rapidly accelerating the e-commerce market, it is likely that in the coming years, many people will choose to purchase gifts online.

There is a whole range of personalised gifts for friends that are available online, and the ability to check out at the click of a button gives an easy incentive for people to place an order. Some sites also offer special discount codes and freebee items if they checkout suing their website. The question is, will this be the norm in the future?

It certainly looks that way. Look at moon pig for example; they sell millions of personalised card gifts every year, simply from selling online. The truth is, it’s just easier to buy online – especially for people that are unable to travel to the shops and buy a card for their friend or loved one. E-commerce sites are also becoming smarter and easier to use every day. The likes of HubSpot for marketing and cookies are allowing companies to track our online movement patterns, targeting advertisements to maximise profits.

Some people are even opting for second-hand e-commerce sites like eBay and Depop, as you can often pick up a good bargain and get a high-quality gift item. You need to be careful though, and make sure that you always place an order through a trusted or highly rated seller, otherwise, you might end up with no gift!

So is in-person shopping dead? It isn’t yet, but with covid-19 seriously affecting the way we shop, it’s likely that by 2022, most of the world will have moved online. New technologies are rapidly emerging every day, and the rise of things like voice search and Amazon are beginning to further conquer the market. Local gift shops are slowly being phased out, and they often remain sites for locals passing by who may have a quick look around before exiting.

Online shopping also allows for gift personalisation – something which isn’t available in a ‘walk in’ shop. Personalised gifts are a fantastic way to impress a friend or family member; they are special and meaningful and carry a lot of value. Couple that with an exciting card, and you’re in for a winner! Using sites like Moon pig is a great way to make a gift that extra bit special and treat your receiver. Gift Raven specialises in the distribution of high-quality personalised gifts for friends and family, with an emphasis on good customer service, quick delivery times, and high-quality gifts.

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