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Are Picante and Salsa different? Are they the same? Are these questions throwing you off? Are you unable to make your mind what should go well with crunchy potato chips, a pan-pizza, and one bowl of fresh salad?

Felicidades! You have landed upon the right page!

In this post, we are going to clear the mud in your indecision so that you can have the best treatment for your tongue. Follow up.

What is Picante?

Between Picante and Salsa, let’s come to our first contender i.e. Picante.

So, what is Picante?

You can substitute the Spanish word Picante for Spicy. Picante is nothing but a spice-hot puree-like Mexican sauce.

Picante was first prepared by David Pace in 1947 behind a liquor shop in San Antonio of Texas, USA. It was a spicy variation of Salsa Sauce.

With an authentic Picante sauce, one can spice-up burrito dips, make a boring yogurt flavor-packed, or add a tint of color to tacos as a starter for Spanish dishes.

Picante Sauce Recipe

Are you curious to know the Picante Sauce recipe?

Well, it’s too simple.


14 tomatoes of half ounces cut into small cubes

3 tablespoon of lime juice

1 tbsp of chili powder

1 halved garlic segment

½ cup roughly chopped onion

5 drops of best pepper sauce

1 halved jalapeno pepper having seeds

½ cup of minced cilantro

¼ teaspoon grated lime peel

salt to taste.

Put all of the above-mentioned substances into a mixer grinder. Cover it up and keep processing until it smoothes.

And, your strong, peppery, hurts-so-good Picante sauce is ready to serve.

What is Salsa (sauce)?

You may be wondering if Picante has its origin from Salsa, so what is Salsa? 

Salsa means sauce. Salsa sauce is prepared with raw or cooked red tomatoes. Green Mexican tomatillos are used also of the same forms.

In the alley of Tex-Mex and Mexican sauces available in the US Salsa is the most popular name of all-time. Tortilla chips dipped in Salsa are difficult to resist.

As a whole, various types of sauces found in supermarkets, thin, spicy, chunky, mild, black, smooth, green, etc., come under the salsa category.

Various Types of Salsa

Speaking of variety let’s check different types of Salsa present out there in the sauces family.


  • Pico de Gallo


Pico de Gallo is one of the classic Mexican sauces. It’s a low-calorie tomato dip that makes your Mexican meals more tasty and flavored.

With this particular salsa your everyday beans, eggs, or spaghetti becomes irresistibly good.


  • Salsa Verde


When we’re talking about salsas, it’s not that you can only find tomato-based sauce varieties. Salsa verde is a smooth green sauce that is made with tomatillos, onions, chilies, lime juice, and a pinch of salt.

It’s suitable as a table sauce, for enchiladas, and for chips.


  • Salsa Taqueria


Salsa Taqueria is served traditionally at taco stands. A literal translation of salsa taqueria would be taco sauce.

It’s served as a spicy dip in Mexican taco condiment.

Picante Vs. Salsa…Summary

Did I make you more confused with the above descriptions? Draw a clear conclusion on whether Picante and Salsa are different or the same in this section.

Salsa and sauce are undoubtedly the same. So any sauce can be termed as salsa.

For instance, you may have seen sauces named Picante Salsa in supermarkets or groceries. It’s not wrong. Picante means spicy. So, with that naming seller wants to make you aware that it’s a spicy salsa.

If you want to go with a thinner sauce you better not choose Picante but the other salsas.

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