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Helmets are an important element when practicing high risk sports, for this reason polo is not an exception, inclusively due to it being practiced on a horse at high speeds, you must have a helmet with specific and adequate characteristics, these should guarantee always the maximum integrity of the polo player at all times and during different situations that could be possible in the game field.

On their side, all helmets from the brand Krono Polo are the result of various investigations that look for the best material and the most appropriate design for this type of element. This is how they managed to innovate in the market, adding the best technology used in F1 and with this reassuring and getting the maximum level of protection and benefit for the polo player.

Kronos helmets are designed with carbon fibre and have a comb of aluminium, this allows a better performance of the helmet when there is a hit, allowing it to have an appropriate deformity and reducing the lesion that occurs when there is a concussion. Recently the certification PAS 015:2011 has been verified, which was interjected by the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA), with the intention of getting that the helmets that are on the market to be more efficient, making it mandatory for all of the players that wish to participate in an even that is certified by the organization, Krono Polo has the certification which guarantees that all Polo Helmet that are made under the name of the brand eases the participation of those that use it in sports events inside of England.

The reason to use a polo helmet, apart from it being a requirement that is interposed by each tournament of this sport, it is due to the care which makes it necessary and almost a merit to be used by each player, this is why all of the details that a helmets offers should not be put to spare, the ideal is to always chose a polo helmet that is certified and from a bran that guarantees the good practices in the moment of the elaboration of the product.

Krono Polo apart from using quality prime material, has also decided to improve the general design of the helmet in the search for a better experience when using it, for example, their helmets have a buckle with three points of magnet, which is adjustable to each player, this completes the helmets size and allows it to be adapted to the corporal dimension of each polo player. On the other hand, the Krono Polo helmet has the first unattachable automatic visor in the world, this detaches automatically when receives a hit avoiding the player to receive a bigger injury when they receive the impact.

After some studies done in the laboratory by the engineers of the brand achieving to the develop a helmet with a structure like a comb with a zone of deformation, this allows that when a hit is produced it will absorb the energy produced by it and then this way the player receives it with a lower impact.

A polo helmet may not give you any advantages in the moment of a polo match, but what it will give you is protection and it will avoid you from getting any severe lessions, this will allow you to be active in the game field for a long time. Kronos helmets can be personalized to your taste and you can chose between the English and Argentinian visor, if you chose a general prototype by the brand they will be available for shipping immediately, on the contraire you have to get in contact with the brand quickly to reduce the waiting time. Visit for more information

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