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Let’s face it, online bingo games and slots are loads of fun. There are always funky graphics and aesthetics, wacky storylines that take strange twists and turns, inventive bonus rounds that promise interesting prizes, and, of course, opportunities to make heaps of cash. It is no wonder, therefore, that online slot games are so popular with everyone around the world.

With online slot games commonly having a theme of Irish folklore with their Leprechauns, shamrocks, scenery, and more, it can be confusing to know whether that is because the games are catering to Irish people, or whether those aspects are popular with the globe.

We are here to find out how popular online slot games are in Ireland, where online slots are most popular, and why there may or may not be this misconception surrounding the popularity of online slot games in Ireland – play casino today.

Why do People Think that Online Slot Games are so Popular in Ireland?

Every country will always have those unshakeable stereotypes that other nations may jovially think of them as. the English are pie eating, ale loving, football hooligans. You would not find a French person without a baguette and a few snails on their plate. The Germans love a lederhosen and a big stein of lager.

We know that all of these stereotypes are ridiculous and mostly untrue, but what is it about Ireland that makes people think that they love online slot games?

·         Luck – The Irish are perceived as a pretty lucky nation through their ancient folklore and shamrocks/four-leafed clovers. It is no wonder, therefore, that people begin to associate luck with online slot games. While this claim has little to no grounds, it could be one of the reasons why online slots are seen to be popular in Ireland.

·         Leprechauns – These little nuisances cause havoc and mayhem wherever they go. With their little pipe and pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, this mythical creature has been so well embedded into Irish-themed online slot games that it could be easy to think that online slot games are popular in Ireland.

·         Guinness – Whilst we definitely do not advocate drinking and betting, the nature of Guinness has always been a merry one, that merriness can be associated with fun, and the fun associated with online slot games. Whilst Guinness is probably not as well drank in Ireland as we think, it constitutes to why people may think online slot games are so popular in Ireland.

Where are Online Slots Popular?

It probably will not surprise you, but Ireland is not even in the top ten countries for where online slot games are most popular.

We have the top five list on which countries find online slot games the most popular, are you in there somewhere?

1.       England

2.       The U.S.A

3.       China

4.       Australia

5.       Norway

Despite all the clues leading to online slot games being popular in Ireland, unfortunately for them, they do not make the cut onto the list.

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