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The Gamstop system was created to help online casino players in the UK control their gaming activity. It allows users to self-exclude from all online casinos registered in the UK for a set period. However, some players may seek ways to bypass this system. It’s important to note that circumventing the Gamstop system can lead to the exacerbation of gambling problems, and we strongly advise approaching this issue responsibly. In this article we will know how to get round Gamstop?

Using Casinos Not on Gamstop

One way players might try to bypass Gamstop is by registering at casinos that are not covered by this system. These casinos are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and are often registered outside of the UK. Such casinos include:

  • Casinos with a Curacao license
  • Casinos licensed in Malta
  • Platforms licensed in Gibraltar

Using a VPN

Some players use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to hide their location and circumvent geographical restrictions set by Gamstop. This allows them to register and play at casinos that are normally not available to UK residents.

Registering Under Someone Else’s Name

Another method of bypassing the Gamstop system is to register a casino account in someone else’s name. This violates the rules of most online casinos and is an illegal action that can lead to serious consequences.

Consequences of Circumventing Gamstop

It’s important to understand that circumventing the Gamstop system can have serious consequences for both your financial situation and psychological health. It can lead to an intensification of gambling problems and an increase in debts. Furthermore, using illegal methods to bypass can lead to legal issues.

Alternatives to Gamstop

For those seeking help in controlling their gaming activity, there are other forms of support and self-exclusion, aside from Gamstop. Here are some of them:

  • Using self-exclusion programs offered by individual casinos
  • Installing gambling-blocking software on your computer or mobile device
  • Seeking help from specialized organizations dealing with gambling problems


While there are ways to circumvent the Gamstop system, it’s important to remember the risks and consequences of such actions. The best solution for those struggling with gambling problems is to seek support and use available tools to control their gaming activity.

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