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Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers, labels, and decals are for both short-term and long-term use based on your requirement. You can find a variety of such stickers which can be applied to the various vehicle body, glass surfaces, shopfronts and many other such places. These custom-made stickers now have many users ranging from personal projects to marketing, business to product branding. Now, these types of vinyl decals are coming in sticker form, too, with adhesive side either on back or front to ensure instant and easy mounting on the surface. The adhesive nature of vinyl stickers makes it ideal to be a permanent decal option. Also, there will not cause any damage to the surface on which it sticks.

Considering the header question, Yes, vinyl stickers are easily removable too. If done properly, the removal of vinyl stickers will not cause any damage to the underlying surface.

Different Types of Vinyl Stickers

The custom vinyl sticker makers usually offer two types of vinyl materials as high-performance and intermediate vinyl stickers. Both of these are now coming with adhesive qualities. The intermediate vinyl stickers are much smoother with non-porous surfaces. However, the premium quality or high-performance stickers have stronger adhesives, ideal for vehicles and textured surfaces. This is primarily because the decals are usually printed on thin-tape vinyl with stronger adhesive. With this, it will conform and stick better on the textured surfaces, too, with some unique contours and can get up well with the vehicles. Both of these vinyl stickers can stay strong in place for so many years and can also be removed easily later.

This process should be made as simple and easier as possible during the time of removal, especially when vinyl is not for a longer period. The longer you leave the decals onto the surface, the harder these may get to be. While attempting vinyl decal removal, you may have to equip yourself with some basic tools. Let’s explore

Tools for Vinyl Removal

While attempting vinyl removal, you need to ensure that you have some basic tools handy as:

  • Sharp razor blades
  • Squeegee
  • Hairdryer etc.

Razorblade, vinyl cutting blades and the squeeze may become handy when you are starting with the vinyl decal removal process. For this, you need to first get under the decal and began to peel it away from the surface. You can expedite this procedure by using a hairdryer to heat the adhesive backing and loosen it by expediting the decal removal process. This becomes more efficient with the decals were at the surface for a longer period.

While removing the vinyl decal, first, you may pick a random spot at the edge and start pulling off the vinyl from the surface. Most of the standard vinyl decals may get off easily but may leave a little residue behind. You can use a mild cleaner to get rid of the residing. You may also try to gently scrape off the residue with a sharp-edged tool without damaging the surface. If you find it difficult to pull off the pieces of left-over decals, then you may again use the hairdryer to heat up it up and then remove it by loosening up the adhesive.


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