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Are Wood Windows Well Insulated

With the many available window materials, it can be daunting to choose the most suitable one. Nevertheless, most homeowners prefer wooden windows and frames for their many benefits. These windows last long and come in unique designs. Also, wood is favorite among many due to its insulations properties and can help you lower your energy bills. Are wood windows insulated enough? This is a common question among homeowners, and understating their properties goes a long way.

Wind insulation- how does it work?

 Are you seeking window frames with high Spray foam insulation properties? There are various features to look for when shopping. But the glazing structure is critical; the gap between the glass is filled with an inert gas that is heavier than the surrounding air. 

This is why double and triple glazed windows feature high thermal performance levels. The frame is also vital! It can determine the overall windows performance. Most standard casement windows feature a seal and a thermal break to prevent heat loss through the frame.

Other features are;

  • Energy performance 

Wood is not a good conductor of heat, and solid wood window frames don’t need a thermal break like other materials. They are well insulated and will provide about 400 times more insulation than metal steel. The level of insulation is even higher when compared to aluminum. This is to say that a wood frame doesn’t rely on the surrounding casement engineering to work excellently in the window’s energy performance.

  • Noise

Wood features tiny pouches in its composition and is porous. And this makes it an excellent choice when it comes to sound protection. If combined with double or triple glazing, it can perform better in blocking noise in the home than any other material.

  • Heat

 A cold home can be a put off in the winter, and you want your windows to retain heat in cold weather. Similarly, you want a window frame that will not lead to heat transfer in summer, and wood does this best. The glazing on the windows also plays a vital role, and heat transfer is mostly attributed to this. Most people prefer UV coating on the glass for excellent heat regulation.

Are there other great properties of wood window frames?

Wood is one of the lowest heat conductors available. It’s eco-friendly, and its manufacture generates minimal toxins and requires less energy. Also, it’s highly flexible and easy to work on, enabling the manufacture of different designs to fit any style. 

The good thing about wood window frames is that you can design them in different colors and textures. Wood is also highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is why it’s a common choice for window frames in most homes.

In summary, wood-framed windows perform highly compared to other materials. Wood has to great insulation properties and will help maintain the right temperatures in the home no matter the weather. There are also many other benefits associated with wood. It’s versatile, can fit different styles of buildings, and is durable. Energy efficiency is also worth mentioning, and wood-framed windows will help you save some bucks on your energy bills.


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