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There are many websites like, which are discussing Kevin David Net worth, Age, Bio, etc. Your search ends here, you are on a right place; this post contains everything there is to know about Kevin David.

Kevin David Hulse is an American YouTuber and business person with various fruitful online organizations. In a short space of time, Kevin has had the option to manufacture an after of a huge number of business visionaries and he has been utilizing his organization, That Lifestyle Ninja LLC as a stage to rouse different business visionaries and show individuals how they can begin their own online organizations.

On the off chance that you have ever pondered about Kevin’s age or how old he is, here is the appropriate response;

Kevin David was conceived on 5 August, 1989 in Eugene, Oregon, United States. He is as of now 30 years of age and it is a stunner for some individuals when they consider what he has had the option to accomplish as a business person at such a youthful age.

His total assets, his courses, his interpersonal organization following, records, total assets and for what reason is he the correct person to get you through the entirety of your internet advertising battles and each other thing.

Things being what they are, who’s this person at any rate? For what reason is it so critical to need to know not many or the same number of things about him?

I realize that there may be blended feelings on this point yet my conclusion on Kevin David is one that is certifiably not a mystery. Kevin David is a genuine business person not a trick. Like the vast majority of us, He began with nothing and worked out his way to the top by using the couple of assets that had around then.

The establishment of my survey depends on an article that I as of late observed on the web when I was looking into about Kevin and his organizations. The article was from a person called Phil Covington and it was titled-“Is Kevin David Legit.”


There is a ton to state about Kevin yet one thing that is valid and applicable to this article is that Kevin David is a genuine business visionary he isn’t a trick.

Many individuals may mark him counterfeit yet don’t let that move your concentration and disregard the beneficial things that he is accomplishing for the world and the lives he is evolving.

Kevin has number of free preparing online classes where he gives some starting data on the different organizations that he is into.

Kevin has won various honors for business enterprise and his been included by significant news sources like Forbes, Entrepreneur Inc Magazine and numerous others.

A portion of the significant honors that he has won are the YouTube silver play button which is an honor given to makers with at any rate 100,000 supporters on the stage.

Kevin is additionally a beneficiary of two significant honors from ClickFunnels-the 2 comma club and the 2 comma club X grant.

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