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Are you married to a narcissist?

Narcissism refers to a psychological disorder. People carrying this trait are extremely self-involved; everything in their world revolves around them. They also have a high degree of entitlement as well. 

Moreover, those with narcissistic personality disorder are also lacking in empathy. Those suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) also tend to brag about their abilities. 

They also have a tendency to be aggressive and dominant as well. They can also be very callous, as they are not bothered by the feelings of others. 

NPD is a spectrum; people may fall anywhere in this broad range, and only a mental health expert, whom you can consult via, can ascertain whether someone is a narcissist or not. 

Is your partner a narcissist?

While only mental health experts can qualify people as NPD, however, there are some signs that help in establishing whether your partner is a narcissist or not. Some signs include:

Constant criticism 

Since narcissists want to make you insecure, as it helps them in maintaining their control, therefore, they have a constant tirade of criticism. From your appearance to your personal choices, they are critical of everything.  

Moreover, your narcissist partner might also make similar fun of others, since for them, only they are good enough. 

Constant struggle to measure up 

Another sign of a narcissistic partner is when you constantly try to measure up to their high standards. You simply cannot be good enough for them. They make you feel inadequate all the time, regardless of how big your accomplishments are. And even if they aren’t, your partner should always be the person who cheers you on. 

This struggle then has a grave impact on your mental health. Their negative comments get to you, and they leech your self-confidence. When you get ridiculed for something you think you did well, it might deter you from doing that thing again. 


A narcissist is not above gaslighting. This phenomenon involves making people doubt their version of reality. What you know to be true is deemed incorrect, which makes you feel emotionally unstable then. 

Gaslighting causes one to feel isolated, frustrated, and powerless. The victim also then becomes dependent on their abuser. It also causes one to continue doubting themselves, and their self-confidence. A narcissist gaslights in such a way that people too, start to doubt the victim, rendering them even more alone. 

Don’t want any conversation 

Narcissists also like to control the emotions of their partner. One way is to rile them up. They then may cause the conversation to escalate very quickly, so you get a reaction from their partner. 

Ultimately, one might not make conversation from the stress of the inevitable fight. 


Another sign of a narcissist partner is that they fail to cater to your needs. As for them, only they matter, therefore, they cannot fulfill your emotional needs. So, they do things only for their sake; whether it be having or going someplace, they will do so only if they want it. 


Manipulation is a hallmark trait of a narcissist. They use words and coercion techniques to make you believe that you need to follow their orders, and you might suffer otherwise. 

At times, their throwing a tantrum is also a part of their manipulation trick, so you end up doing the thing to appease them. 

Shifting blame 

Another trick employed by narcissists is that they shift the blame to their victims. For them, they are flawless. Consequently, no matter what the situation, your narcissist partner manages to blame you. 

The charm goes off 

You can tell that your partner is a different person when they are with you, and when they are in public, all charming with people, and vile otherwise. If you notice this alongside other signs, perhaps get out of the toxic relationship and mentally heal with the help of your Psychiatrist in Islamabad

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