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The differently abled and elderly people are the ones who need the maximum care and attention. So, do you wish to improve the quality of their life that too while residing somewhere like Australia? If so, then apply for the cert 3 aged care in individual support (disability) course today. Completion of this course gives you the opportunity to make a genuine difference in these peoples’ lives. You will learn to provide person-centric support after completing this course.

Apply for the certificate III in aged care course

So, do you also want to become the sole support for these helpless aged and specially-abled people? Then, apply for the certificate iii in aged care course right away! Successful completion of this course will ensure a gratifying and prospective career for you.

A quick look at the course structure

This certificate III in aged care (disability) program equips you with a range of knowledge and skills. So, while studying this course, you can expect to learn the following things.

Description of the Elective Units

Each of the elective units of this course with their individual descriptions can be considered below.

  • Learn to improve your professional tasks by reflecting upon them painstakingly
  • Learn to comply with personal assistance requirements
  • You will learn to adhere to substantial person-centric behaviour assistance
  • Aid in the process of social inclusion as well as communal support
  • Learn to optimize a strength-oriented approach to develop your existing skills optimally
  • Learn to aid in the process of empowerment of individuals who are physically impaired

So, to learn these skills and knowledge faultlessly, make sure you enrol only in the top college/university in Perth, Australia.

Description of the Core Units

Aside the aforementioned elective units, you need to complete some core units as well.  A brief description to each of these core units can be considered below.

  • Learn to ensure direct care for your clients by adhering to safe practices of work
  • Learn to recognize health systems of the body
  • Learn to work with an aged care facility while complying with the various legal and ethical requirements.
  • Learn to work with different types of people as well.
  • Learn to work and liaise with the several health and communal services
  • Learn to assist in the process of well-being and independence and
  • Learn to provide individualized assistance too.

As soon as you finish this course, you will become eligible for a vast array of career opportunities. You can select and preside over any of those according to your preference.

Requirements of the certificate III in aged care (disability) course

The certificate III in aged care course requires you to complete at least thirteen competency units altogether. These units are furthermore divided into six units of elective and seven units of core. Completing these units at the minimum will let you finish the certificate iii in aged care (disability) course successfully.

Eligibility Conditions

There is no stringent array of requirements when it comes to the certificate iii in aged care course. This statement implies that perhaps any person can apply for this particular course. However, certain eligibility requirements apply to the certificate iii course at the minimum. The applicant must at least hold a School Certificate or a qualification equivalent to the same. Besides, before starting his/her pertinent work placement, the applicant must provide a valid National Police Certificate. Apart from these, you need not comply with any other eligibility criteria imperatively.

Employment Opportunities

The certificate III in aged care (disability) is one of the most sought-after aged care courses in Perth, Australia. After completing this course successfully, you will become eligible for a range of career opportunities. A comprehensive checklist of these employment opportunities can be considered below.

  • School Support Officer (Disability)
  • Planned Activity Assistant
  • Deliverer of Food Services
  • Community House Worker
  • Care Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Field Officer (Community Services)
  • Community Care Worker
  • Care Service Employee
  • Transport Support Worker
  • Residential Care Worker
  • In Home Respite Worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Community Access Coordinator
  • Care Assistant
  • Senior Personal Care Assistant
  • Residential Aide
  • Home Care Assistant
  • Disability Service Officer
  • Client Assistant and
  • Accommodation Support Worker

So, do you also wish to manage any of the job roles stated above? If so, then enrol in the course of certificate iii in aged care (disability) immediately. It is one of the choicest aged care courses Perth which will ensure a rewarding career for you post its completion. After completing this course, you can complete the certificate 4 in aged care as well. The latter course will provide you with even more advanced skills and knowledge related to Australia’s aged care sector.

Attain a rewarding aged care career in Perth!

So, is it also your wish to attain a remunerative aged care career in Australia? Then, your sole choice is to apply for the certificate III and IV courses and complete them back to back. Accomplishment of these courses will ensure a truly rewarding aged care career for you in Perth, Australia.

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